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Archive for January, 2011


Why Not To Worry About Your Email List Unsubscribes

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You have been dilligently building targeted traffic to your website and building the size of your email list. You have been undertaking effective methods to build a relationship with your list members and the results have been encouraging. Yet, there are still those who unsubscribe.

Does this have an effect on you? Well…you are not alone because it really had an effect on me during my early days when I was still in the discovery area of online marketing. I just could not understand why they were unsubscribing and the more I thought about it the more anxious I became. Now, that was a bit silly when I look back now. Read More→

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If you are about to start or have a website live you need to be aware of seven practical steps for how to grow your online marketing business. By working on each step simultaneously rather than one at a time, you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can build and profit from your own niche internet marketing business.

Before I reveal the seven steps, there is one big,big over riding stpe that you have to take or, quite frankly, nothing will happen. What is it? Well…it is the clarion call of “take action and take it now!” Spread the action over these seven steps and you will be well on track building your internet business. Read More→

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You may want the success but unless you are aware of how to have a winning attitude for your home internet business you can kiss goodbye to any hope of the profits filling your bank account. It is not just the action that requires to be undertaken, it goes way beyond that. 

What makes the diffrence between the 5% who do, who have and who get more and the 95%’ ers who wonder how on earth the 5% do it and have it. And unfortunately, a sizeable proportion of the 95%’ ers would rather try and belittle and smeer the success of the 5% rather than take action and join them. So what characteristics of attitude do the 5% have and how can you take action and copy them? Read More→

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Being an information marketer, you should always be on the look out for easy methods of product creation. And one of the easiest ways to increase your product suite is to offer an audio for sale. Make it an audio recording of yourself to increase your status as the authority figure, the expert in your niche.

You may say “well that sounds like a good idea, but where on earth do I start? Stuck for an idea to base your recording on? It is most likely if you have a niche internet business that you sell an eBook and perhaps other digital products such as reports which are often offered as bonuses. If so, the answer is staring you in the face. Read More→

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It’s another day and another internet business opportunity has been delivered by the postman. My name is on various marketing lists and I am thus the “lucky” recipitent of offers that will “transform my life”, “make more money that you could think possible”, “be able to retire early and travel the world”. I think you will have come across a few yourself.

Now…these salesletters are written by professional copywriters and I have to say can come across as very appealing. Yet, in the building state of excitement that your imagination is engineering, please just take a few moments to delve deep and really read what is being offered and, this is important, what reality is. Read More→

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You have identified a niche market and you now want to know how to write an eBook that will be of great interest, help and will, most importantly for you, sell. From the research that you have undertaken, you should have a good understanding of the problems and challenges faced by your niche.

What you need to do is ask yourself various questions about how you can help and provide the information that they want. Here are some questions to drill down through the topic and how it can be presented that will form the basis for your eBook. Read More→

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“The Step By Step Plan For Those In Internet Marketing Who Have Yet To Make Money Online”

There are many people who wanted to make money online by starting a niche internet business. They bought various products often with the promise of getting rich without much effort. Well…as normally happens, reality bites. In real life, what “latest system” exists, what “loophole to exploit” is waiting, what “easy money formula” is available?

Do such things exist in real life? No…and they don’t exist online either. Yet money can be made online if a proven step by step plan is followed using techniques that have worked for others to build a niche internet marketing business.

And the two keywords here are “build” as in not overnight but with work, effort, belief, diligence and tenancity to create a “business”. That is what happens in the real world and that is how to succeed online too. Build a business through working on it. And do this by following a plan, using the techniques of others who have succeeded and continue to succeed.

That is the formula I have used after learning from Neil Stafford and Neil Travers, “The Two Neils”.

Their excellent course “Internet Business Profits Revealed” is for the person who is aware of what internet marekting is, perhaps has tried it but has not had much if any success. What should they do now? What would I do now if I were still in that position…perhaps in the position you find yourself now? I would go and find someone who walked the walk. who had succeeded and effectively follow what they do, adopt their systems and techniques, use their suggestions and strategies for the niche that I was entering.

And that is exactly what “Internet Business Profits Revealed” does for you.  It peels away what you thought were “the secrets” and takes you through the exact methods used by the Two Neils on every niche market that they have entered and now successfully market to

Waiting for you to discover is… 

  • To show you how to make the greatest amount of £££ selling information products
  • Enable you to identify niche markets and what these niche markets desire
  • Walk you through the specific process of creating your own information product
  • Direct you to reliable sources for anything you’ll need as an information marketer
  • Demonstrate the tools you’ll need to succeed as an information marketer
  • Give you detailed and sepcific information on how to sell your products for maximum profits
  • Detail specific means of promoting your information products both off and online

It will give you a specific action plan that you can leave with to launch your internet marketing business.

This course is intended to give you a detailed introduction to the information marketing business and give you a thorough, yet simple, plan of action to generate income quickly. It is not intended to be an all-encompassing plan covering all the hundreds of subjects that fall into the creation, marketing and selling of information products.

I can best describe it as not another “how to” course…but a how the two Neil’s run their business, how I run mine and how you can mirror their and my success.

As part of Internet Business Profits Revealed you will receive

  • Ten dvds of the recording of a very small and exclusive two day mastermind class where the Two Neils demonstrate, discuss, answer, reveal and help ordinary people just like you on how to use the very system that has brought the both of them huge profits from their niche marketing
  • Two workbooks that you work through as you watch the dvds
  • A personalised action plan to help you motor through each of the steps as you carefully develop your internet business
  • Quite start guide
  • Listen to this first cd – know exactly where you are going and what to do
  • Neil Stafford’s personal guarantee (I think this is priceless – click the link to find out more)
  • Full length screen capture training videos (look over Neil’s shoulder as he shows you what to do)
  • Email and ad templates
  • Sales letter templates
  • Neil Stafford will review your: first market research, sales letter, advert and website!
  • CD interview of a WordPress expert revealing how to set up a blog
  • CD of web 2.0 winning tactics
  • THREE 30 minute telephone consulatations with Neil
  • Lifetime info marketing updates
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Here Is Your Internet Business Profits Revealed Home Study Course

Internet Business Profits Revealed is a first class top course for anyone who wants to take their fledgling internet marketing efforts and turbo boost them to where you really want to be…making sales and profits, building your email list…in fact you will be building your own niche internet business.

I took all the help it offered and I am now seeing the results. My email lists are increasing in numbers, my marketing is very much more effective, and I am now making sales. And you can to. Before taking action, I spent time hoping it would happen and of course it did not. Some of the work I was doing was correct, some of it was a waste of time, yet I was not doing so much more.

And the difference is amazing. I am now building a niche internet business and now is the opportunity for you to do the same by getting your hands on Internet Business Profits Revealed and start to follow the plan that has brought success to the Two Neils and many others including myself and soon…it could be you too! But you have to take action, now.

Go now to Internet Business Profits Revealed and start today on the road to building and profiting from your very own niche internet business

PS. If you are just starting out and have not done any internet marketing before, I suggest that this may not be the best course for you to start with. Don’t worry though, you have not lost out. I have for you the “Internet Business Start Up Kit”.

This is for the beginner to online marketing and will quite literally take you by the hand and lead you along the very path that the Two Neil’s took so you too can create, build and profit from your very own niche internet business. 

It is a great start up course and explains what you need to do with very simple instructions, plus you get some amazing bonuses as well. I can’t recommend any better internet start up course that is available in terms of what you are going to learn, the help you will get and the quite amazing price it is available for those that go to their website from

Go now to Internet Business Start Up Kit and begin the path to your own online marketing success. 


The number one target when writing to your email marketing list is to build upon the relationship that you are trying to develop with your email list members. By ensuring you utilise some great ideas, you can have a highly responsive list that you will be able to influence into taking the action you so wish.

Your email messages should mostly be informational, yet sprinkled with sales messages. If you bombard your list members with constant or too many of sales messages you may find many unsubcribes. Try these methods to ensure you build a very strong bond with your email list members.  Read More→

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So you want to know how to build a website that the search engines will adore. Something they will prefer and put a higher ranking on than the thousands of others in your niche. Well, if you are willing to do a little work, then such magic things can happen.

Sorry, but I am not going to reveal hidden methods, secret strategies or loopholes to get what you want. Remember the louder the boast, the bigger the disappointment whn what is promised does not materialise. Yes you can make your niche salespage website be adored by Google and its pals and this is how to do it. Read More→

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So you have no ready experience of an online niche market but you would like to become involved and provide information and products to it. Is it still possible to build an affinity with this niche market?

You can in a very effective way and here is how. Don’t position yourself as an expert of the subject, you will be found out quite quickly, it is just not worth your time and effort. A much more effective method is to put yourself on the other side and become something of a roving reporter. Read More→

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