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Who Is Michael T?

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and my primary business is property. So how am I also involved in a home internet marketing business and how did come about?

I have always been open to new business ideas and saw the internet as another avenue for this. Now… I am no tech whizz kid. I still find a lot of the language of internet marketing hard to grasp at first. And I don’t buy into the “get this product and tomorrow you will be a millionaire with little effort” brigade. It’s just nonsense.

At the beginning of 2008, I decided it was time to put what I had read about internet marketing into practice. I started as a complete novice and technically challenged, yes…it was like a foreign language, from another planet and thus I can prove that it is possible for anyone to do this…and succeed. As with the vast majority of starters, I tried various methods such as selling resell rights products, a little affiliate marketing, some Ebay selling, and creating my own products. It’s what the “gurus” tell you to do, isn’t it?

But…it wasn’t long before I recognised that the secret to success in info marketing is to identify a niche or sub niche and then market to those who have an interest in that niche. As personal experiences and interests are excellent topics to focus on, I created the website The Colitis Experience to offer information and knowledge from a sufferer’s perspective and have gone on to create other websites that focus on other health and fitness niches that offer products to solve a specific problem. An information marketing project in a property niche is currently being developed.

So what did I do that you can do too?

By using tested methods, continuous learning from a few trusted marketers and a willingness to put into action what is learned, a growing and money making information marketing business has emerged. Remember, it is not that long ago that I was new to all of this. There are many people who would like to utilise the opportunities the internet offers to make an income, and large numbers who have made attempts, yet for the vast majority there are numerous reasons why they have not realised their ambitions.

I know the mistakes and understand the frustrations that are made, I have been through it. What I can offer you is the solutions and answers that I have found that work and use today. By using the opportunities that I provide, you can now turn your information marketing goals into reality. Anyone can do this if they follow a plan. Listen, learn and do. You can do that, can’t you?

It is not difficult. With a desire, the right mindest and by taking action, you can soon get to where I am at now. Have there been frustrations, have there been times when I felt like chucking it in and moving on, have there been seemingly other bright shiny objects enticing me to go in another direction…? Yes, yes and yes again. But by following a plan you can succeed, believe me…you can!

Congratulations…you have found I am currently using the tools, the knowledge and experience I have gained to expand my online business. What is stopping you now from joining me to build the home internet marketing business success you want using the info you need?

Michael Tasker

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