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7 Point Checklist For Choosing An Affiliate Marketing Program


With such a choice for the online marketer it is easy to feel a little unsure about choosing an affiliate marketing program that not only will be appealing and in demand with your prospects and customers but also be worthwhile for you. As long as you stick to some well worn guidelines then you should be able to identify the ones that are going to make you money online.

What I have done for you is create a 7 step checklist for choosing an affiliate marketing program. Read on to find out what they are and make sure you keep a note of them for future use:

  •  Searching For The Right Programs: Type into Google the phrases “affiliate program” “affiliate products” “affiliate marketing programs” plus also the top keyword for your niche and take a look at what appears. Also look out some affiliate networks where programs are advertised. It pays to take time to research the results…don’t sign up to the first or all of them. Take your time and chose several to then whittle to one or two.
  • What Commisions Are They Paying: Why undertake all this work only to get a tiny commission pay out? Programs that offer you 50% + payouts are the ones to go for to start off with. Also, try and find a program that has a regular payout such as a membership offer where you can earn a monthly commission.
  • What Is The Cookie Policy: You have brought the customer to the marketer so find out how long you will enjoy receiving proceeds from any future sales to the customer. They may buy one product immediately then nothing for six months. Make sure you get as long a cookie policy as possible so any future sales are tracked to you and you get your cut of the proceeds.
  • What Does The Sales Page Look Like:  Is it of a quality that you yourself would be happy to buy from or does it appear poorly laid out and has a feel of amateurism about it? In addition to this, you must find out what the conversion rate is, that is the percentage of visitors that are converted into buyers.
  • Support And Marketing Materials: Some affiliate programs are better than others in providing ready to go marketing material such as graphics, banner ads, pre written emails, articles even. If you are just left to get on with it, then maybe this attitude could be reflected in other aspects of the offer.
  • Customer Service: Check out the service offered to customers such as contact information, money back guarantees and support as you do not want to be recommending a product only to be faced with customers complaining to you that what you advised them to buy is not worth their time and money.
  • Payout Timescale: Lastly, find out at when you will get paid your commission. There are some affiliate programs that only pay out at six month intervals…not so good if you are spending money generating traffic to the offer is it? Make sure you at least start with an affiliate program that pays out on a regular basis.

So there are my seven steps for chosing an affiliate marketing program. But that is only a very small part of how to do affiliate marketing profitably. The online course, Affiliate Profit Blueprint shows you exactly how to start affiliate marketing from scratch and build a highly effective and profitable affiliate model that you can replicate in any niche market. For more in depth info and to get your free signing up bonuses go now to affiliate marketing course 

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