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How To Achieve Bigger Affiliate Marketing Commissions


I want to give you a heads up about how you can achieve bigger affiliate marketing commissions by not working harder but working smarter. A lot of people new to affiliate marketing find a product to promote, get the links to promote them here, there and everywhere else and wait for the money to roll into their bank account.

They may earn a little, a few do quite well…yet a handfull do extremely well. What is it that they have that the vast majority are not aware of?

Well, there is not big secret, but a combination of small steps and tricks that are used to unsure that spending time undertaking affiliate marketing is worthwhile. And one of the most effective is finding and using larger commission per sale of affiliate offers. It may seem exciting to find that everyday there are sales but how much is actually being earned? More sales does not necessarily mean more profits for you over a period of time.

Confused? Consider that you only have so much time to dedicate to affiliate marketing. If you concentrate on a product that sells for $ 20 and you get $ 10 commission with a conversion rate of 5%, then 100 prospects will translate into 5 buyers and $ 50 for you thank you very much.

What if you promoted a $ 100 product, you get $ 50 commission and it coverts at 3%. For the same amount of time and work you get $ 150! So regardless of the sales volumes, your actual activity remains the same…same amount of time doing everything you need to do to put a product in front of a targeted audience.

The vast majority of affiliate products on Clickbank are not high end. So whilst it is an excellent marketplace to find such products, don’t restrict yourself only to it. There are other affiliate websites plus also if you find a product that fits your market, then go to the provider direct…they may already be running an affiliate programme.

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