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Leverage Your Internet Business With Affiliate Marketing


I wanted to write a post to make you aware that if you are not using affiliate marketing in your internet business then you are missing out on a profitable income stream. What I like about affiliate marketing is that you can set it up and forget about it and then find out that you have earned yet another commission from perhaps something you created a year ago, perhaps longer.

If you ever thought  that it sounds a bit too hard or like too much work then think again…Find out how I am adding to my online income by doing a little bit of additional work once then reaping the reward well into the future.

For my Colitis Experience website I offer an eBook that I wrote plus also an audio of me reading the text (great upsell opportunity that every information marketer should be undertaking). I also include many valuable bonuses one of which includes a report on diet and the use of supplements.

So the scneario is that I have been talking about the role of diet when living with colitis and how it is important to try and maintain weight and ensure that the body is not becoming undernourished. There is a role for vitamin supplements to play in this. It is then a logical step to make an offer available to the customer not just to find out more about these supplements but an opportunity to buy them.

I undertook some research and found online retailers of supplements that are particularly geared to those that suffer from the effects of this illness. I chose one for the UK market and one for the North American market that offered an affiliate programme. As you can see, you do not need to stick to information products available via the likes of Clickbank when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Often you can find some great affiliate programmes run by companies themselves, just make sure that the commission earned is worthwhile and the length of time that your computer’s cookie is valid is long enough for you to benefit from a sale that could be undertaken in the future.

The income earned from these affiliate sales is a welcome addition to the sales of the main product. It effectively leverages more out of my initial efforts to create the product offer and I can sit back knowing that whenever someone buys my product that there will be a good chance that they may also take advantage of the supplement offer…and I earn a commision for doing nothing.

If you would also like to earn comissions in the future by doing a little work just once then why don’t you find out how to do affiliate marketing? By becoming a member of the Internet Marketing Review you will have access to a wealth of resources for you to take an use and be able to ask questions with expert affiliate marketing ready to respond. You can get a trial membership here

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