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Physical Or Digital For An Affiliate Marketing Product?


When searching for an affiliate marketing product to offer your email list members, should you seek out a digital one or a physical one? The answer, which should be no surprise is “it depends” on what niche you are marketing to, what the prospects are used to buying, whether the product fits into the usual price range…plus also the size of commission for yourself.

The two starting points to find suitable affiliate marketing products are Clickbank and Amazon. Go to each of these sites and undertake a search for what is available and how such an offer of a product can be utilised in your marketing. But…you do need to be aware of some basic rules to follow…

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether the product or service is of sufficient quality to what you have already made available to your prospects and customers. If your products have up until now been created by yourself, you will have set a particular standard. The last thing that you want to happen is to recommend a product that falls short…all your hard work and trust that you have built up can come crashing down.

And in addition to that, is it a good fit to what you have made available before? Don’t just pick an affiliate product because you feel you need to offer your email list something and what is on offer appears to fit the bill. Always be wary of your reputation and how it could be damaged by offering a product that your list members don’t feel is needed….you may then be thought of as one of those pesky affiliate marketers that offers anything as long as you make some sales.

And what about commissions? Digital products via Clickbank will offer, on the whole, higher commission rates and in particular you can find great products or services that offer a reoccurring income in the form of memberships where you will be paid on a monthly basis for as long as the person remains a member. Physical products don’t have such high commissions yet often have a higher retail price.

It is just so important to undertake quite extensive research to find a suitable fit for your niche market. And in addition to Clickbank and Amazon, use Google to search for affiliate programmes…there are a lot of them out there.

What I do is create simple mini websites based on a blog platform and market to a narrow sub niche, providing them with some content and a recommended product that matches their search perfectly. To find out exactly how you will need the online video course Beginner To Profit System. More in depth info is found at my review at affiliate marketing how to

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