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The Fast Four Letter Affiliate Marketing Method


I like to make things as easy as possible and that includes using an affiliate marketing method that is going to get me decent results in terms of the amount of time I dedicate to the job. Amongst other methods, I have come across a simple yet effective one where you can enjoy “two benefits for the price of one” and not lose out on a large number of potential customers. 

Why don’t you read on and I will show you the four letters that are vital for this method to work…

Often when using affiliate marketing, the method involves driving traffic to an affiliate marketer’s product and you will get a cut of any sales made. The problem with this is that the vast majority of prospects who don’t buy are lost to you forever. You might be sending them to the affiliate offer using free traffic methods but what if you are paying for it…yikes!

How about being a little smarter…do some traffic generation work but keep all of them for yourself…then offer an affiliate product?

Okay…here is the four letter plan:

“L” for create a landing page

“I” for use an incentive to get them to sign up to your email list

“S” is for a series of emails to build that all important relationship with the prospect by helping them and building trust

“T” is for targeted traffic from a very easy yet effective source

It is all about building an email list with targeted prospects…

That is it, pretty easy really and you can intergrate this into your existing niche internet business to build your email lists, inform and help your list members and offer them solutions to their problems or to further their interests in the form of affiliate products.

Right now I can offer you the chance to sign up to a weekly online course that shows you exactly how to start using affiliate marketing methods, whether you are a complete beginner online or you have your own internet business but have yet to enjoy the benefits of this type of marketing.

It is called the Affiliate Profit Blueprint and you can get more in depth info by clicking on easy affiliate marketing method 

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