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Website Linking Strategies For Affiliate Marketing


Success will come if you realise the importance of a website linking strategy for affiliate marketing. Now, I have to declare that affiliate marketing is not at the centre of my online marketing business but it does contribute a satisfactory amount of revenue and allows me to market into niches and sub niches that, whilst I have no knwoledege of, I can still provide the unsatisfied demand with what they are wanting.

So read on and find what you should be doing to get the all important targeted traffic flowing to your affiliate offers…

  1. Undertake some research about other websites that are listed on the first page of the search engines and then try and attempt to get a link from these websites back to yours. This can be done with the offer of content in the form of article writing or how about just flagging up the possibility of swaping links and traffic. You will have to ensure that your own website is of a standard that the other website owner will want to be associated with.
  2. Use online forums and groups to find people in the niche and by interacting with them you can then try and bring them over to your website. This is done with providing help and valuable information within the forum and building trust. Just be aware of any particular forums rules such as including links in your responses.
  3. Have you ever done a press release? This is a great way to announce your website or offer and can be a fast way to get your name out on the internet exactly where your market will be. The press release will be circulated far and wide and will of course include a call to action to get people over to your website.
  4. Make sure you use the likes of directories and classified websites. These are often free to post your offer or charge a small fee. You won’t be inundated with traffic from such sources but what you will get is a profile within such platforms where targeted people can be found.
  5. Social media is great for affiliate marketing. Not in a hard sell way but by making your profile increase, interact with your target market, offering help and valuable information plus the all important call to action with a link to take the traffic to your affiliate offer.

By using a few or all of these methods, you should be able to achieve a constant flow of targeted traffic to your website or blog that contains your affiliate offer. Plus also, don’t forget the power of article marketing and also regular blog posting…your are creating targeted content to attract targeted traffic!

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