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Where To Find Affiliate Programs For Your Niche


If you have wondered where to find affiliate programs that offer complimentary products for your niche then I have a few answers for you. Don’t forget, affiliate programs are run by a vast array of companies and they don’t just have to be for information products. Once your customers understand and know the “how to” they may need something else to progress.

Before you spend time searching the internet for suitable affiliate programs, make sure you have covered the popular sites to see if you can utilise any of the products and services offered as affiliate sales.

One of the most effective and favourite websites is of course Clickbank which is a treasure trove of digital information products. Almost every subject is covered and the amounts you, as an affiliate marketer, can earn range from a few dollars to hundreds including offers with reoccurring billing on a monthly basis.

Spreading the net a bit wider, take a look at Commission Junction. Now, this is somewhat different in that it brings together companies that offer affiliate programs. The products and services cover a wide variety and the spend per purchase is often a lot higher than Clickbank. It is a really good place to take a little time to search and see if you can find a complimentary product or service that you can offer a customer as a back end sale.

Thirdly, what about searching out companies in your niche? There will be many that don’t sign up and work with an affiliate network, but that is not to say that they don’t offer great products and services. To find them, type into Google a principle keyword for your niche and the word “affiliate” or “affiliate program”

The Beginner To Profit System shows you how to find an undersupplied niche, create a fully optimised website in lightening speed, how to create content and find an affiliate product. I have now set up several new niche websites using this system and I still can’t believe how easy it is…and how fast you can get on the first page of Google! 

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