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How To Get Blog Traffic The Simple Way


I was responding to a request from a member of InfoMarketingForYou about how to get blog traffic the simple way. Firstly, I had to deflate them somewhat because I couldn’t provide them with the answer I think they wanted to hear.  I think that was along the lines of “take this one method or piece of software and watch your blog become virtually overwhelmed with a huge amount of lovely targeted traffic”.

Here is a little secret that I am happy to reveal if you are ready to listen…there is not one simple way that can be plugged in and switched on, a “press the button method” and all will be fine. What there is available to all instead involves around…

The seemingly boring reality of writing and publishing quality blog posts on a regular basis. What…is that it you ask? Well, yes. Simple yet effective if you follow the well worn plan that works…

And what is that? Your blog will be based upon your chosen subject. That can be quite focused which is great as it will be of interest to a sub niche where you will find not vast numbers but enough prospects who are hungry for information to consume. And the way to provide such tit bits of info is to write very focused blog posts.

Each blog post should be centred around one topic. And to ensure it has SEO juice, just use one keyword phrase. That means in the title, and then repeat it in the first couple of lines of the first paragraph and then use it again throughout the post and at the end. As long as what you write reads well and flows naturally, you will have created a very focused piece of content that the search engines will love.

And when someone who uses that keyword phrase to search for info about the subject, your blog post will have a better chance of being listed high up in the search engines than some random post that has no focus. This really works in small sub niches where the competition is not really switched on to SEO and all the methods to get content noticed.

A big bonus for how to get blog traffic the simple way is that other blogs, websites and content platforms who are actively seeking fresh unique content will happily publish your work if it is revelant to the topic. Just imagine your blog post featured on a high ranking, high traffic site…an increase in targeted traffic over to your blog will surely follow.

So get blog posting on a regular basis. It is easy to do and you will be rewarded with ever greater targeted traffic numbers (just remember to have a sign up box to capture the prospects email address and then you can start communicating with them on a regular basis).

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