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How To Get Website Traffic Using A Blog


I want to give you some pointers about how to get website traffic using a blog and actually not just any old traffic, but quality and valuable targeted traffic which will actually be interested in what you have to say and offer rather than the scenario of getting traffic for traffic sake, which is really just a waste of time.

Your website can take the form of a traditional website platform created in html code or it can be a blog itself. The second option is easier, quicker and can get you up and running fast though if you do have a traditional website then a blog is essential to have as it is a very effective traffic generator. So what am I doing to get website traffic using a blog?

For my Colitis Experience website, I have a complimentary blog where I add blog posts plus also I have a section of full length articles that are divided up into sections. What I find is that whenever I post a new blog, which is focused around one keyword, I receive an increase in traffic to the blog, to my main website and to a separate sign up page where prospects can join my email list that allows me to keep providing them with information, help and related product offers.

These blog posts can find their way onto all sorts of online platforms. Many website and blog owners accept guest posts and if the keyword or phrase you use is one that they accept as relevant content, then you have the chance to get your own content onto some important and high performing platforms that will in turn boost the quality of the links that are pointing back to your blog.

And with more quality links, the importance of your blog will rise and such blog postings will find their way to high positions for such keywords in the search engines. This in turn will bring more traffic to your blog and website. I hope that you can see a system that just needs to be repeated again and again and the reach across the internet will keep on growing…which, once again, will bring you more traffic, with a higher proportion of it being targeted.

I hope you will realise that it is not difficult to create a sustained flow of targeted traffic to your website using a blog.  For more in depth info on how to create high quality website traffic then sign up to InfoMarketingForYou and follow me as I build my internet business and show you how you can build yours too. Start by getting my free Insider’s Report at how to get website traffic  

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