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How To Set Up A Blog In Under Twenty Minutes


How to set up a blog in under twenty minutes. Now there is a challenge yet even myself, and I will put up my hand and say I am not the most technically savvy person when it comes to online technology, can do it. It was not long ago that you had to pore over code and god knows what else…but now..!

Just by using WordPress, you can have a blog as your principle website…and because it is so easy to add regular content to it, the search engines just love them. So there is really no reason why you should not get started with your own internet business now. Here are the first easy steps you have to take to set up your own blog.

  • You will need a domain name and hosting account if you want to use the blog as a standalone website or instal the WordPress code into a new file in your “public” folder if you want a blog in addition to your existing website
  • The control panel of your hosting account should have a press the button WordPress installation facility
  • Once instaled, you need to go to the “general” settings and put in the title and description of the blog
  • Choose a theme from the vast majority of free themes
  • Add plug ins which are additional code that make using the blog easier
  • Add some sticky pages such as “about”, “privacy” and “compensation disclosure” if you are offering affiliate products
  • Create any links such as to a recommended product
  • Create  a “Category” for each type of content that you are going to write
  • Add Widgets to the sidebar which are section titles such as “Recent Comments”, Recommended Products”, “Recent Posts”
  • Write a post.

It may sound a little complicated but a WordPress blog is very easy to navigate and understand. It effectively takes all the technical hassle out of creating an online platform for you to reach and communicate with your target niche market.

If you would like to view online demonstration videos showing you in real time exactly how to set up a blog then they are available to watch free, plus also a wealth of other “how to” information when you take a trial membership, including over £ 5o0 worth of free gifts, to the Internet Marketing Review. I am a member, there are members of covering all levels of experience and the amount of info and help is incredible.

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