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How To Use A Blog For An Info Marketing Business


Do you really know how to use a blog for an info marketing business? First of all I hope that you are actually using a blog rather than just relying on a conventional website and nothing else. A blog is a great additional feature to your online real estate, a very dynamic platform for you to quickly get content published and to interact with those in your niche.

The big factor with a blog is how easy it is to set up as no technical skills are required. It really is just a matter of filling in the blanks and some click and carry and there you have it. No html code, no uploading software required, no technical challenges to face. Simple, straight forward and the search engines love them. So read on to find out more of how to use a blog for an information marketing business…

Whilst a website is more formal and rather static, a blog can be so much more dynamic in so far that you can add content to it as much as you like and the visitor has the facility to leave a reply to each blog post you publish. And this is where a blog for an info marketing business really starts to earn its corn. You have the extremely valuable ability to start a conversation with those who express an interest in your niche subject and, even more importantly, have signalled their interest in what you have to say.

It is an additional means of comunication to compliment your emails to your list members. The target is to build a relationship with those prospects and customers on your email list and for them to view you as someone who has experience, valuable information and knowledge for them to use in the pursuit of their interest. By being able to communicate with you directly by leaving comments on a blog post, they will feel part of your community, tying them ever closer to you and creating a bond. Quite soon you can gather a healthy number of followers who will be predisposed to following your recommendations and taking the action you suggest.

As mentioned previously, a blog is loved by the search engines as it is filled with content and updated on a regular basis. If there is not a lot of competition on your chosen niche, it is quite easy to dominate the first page of Google for various keywords and phrases in your niche by regularly publishing blog posts each of which is focued around just one of these. By the time you take into account your website and the sub pages, some videos that you should be filming as well and links from other websites pointing back to your website and blog, you can dominate the first page. And if you do that…who are the prospects going to see as the authority figure in the niche?

So get blogging on a regular basis as part of your marketing strategy for your information marketing business. It really does make good business sense.

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