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How To Use A Blog To Build An Internet Business


I thought it would be  good idea to give you a little insight into how to use a blog to build an internet business. I am writing this blog post as a result of a request I had from a member of for me to cast my eye over their blog and to address a few issues that might be the reason for their lack of progress with their online marketing.

First off, they had a blog so it was a big tick in the box for them. If you have a traditional website, you should also have a blog to compliment this. If not…you are doing all your efforts a great disservice. Take a look at my other posts under “Blogging” to find out why. So she had a blog…so what was the problem?

Firstly, there was a lack of posts. The blog had been in existence less than one year but there were only 19 posts on it. This equated to one post every two weeks or so. Simply put…blogs don’t work for you if that is the level of your activity on them. Here is a big heads up…search engines love a blog BECAUSE they should be updated on a regular basis and contain valuable, fresh and unique content.

To get the blog “going”, a post should be made every day. This will encourage the search engine spiders to return every day and index the new content. Once the blog is established, then this can be reduced but should not fall below three posts per week.

Secondly, the posts that were being made came across as one long procession of promotional messages. Rather than offer content and info that the reader will find helpful, she was really just promoting a couple of products. Now do not get me wrong here. There is nothing wrong with offering a paid for product or service…a blog is a great way to do this…

It is just the methods you adopt to achieve it. The product is the solution to the problem…what you should use blog postings for is to raise awareness of the problem, comment on the challenges, provide some basic help in overcoming the problem, review products that can offer a solution. Your blog should provide a wealth of information to help the reader start on their road to progressing their interest in the subject and to solve problems…but all the info will only take them so far…

And that is when a product or service recommendation can be used.

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