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Why Every Information Marketing Business Must Have A Blog


If you have or are planning to start an information marketing business then you must have a blog. I can’t spell it out much clearer than that. Have blog…will travel onward and upward on the online path to success. If you still won’t have one then good luck to you. But before you go, I want to ask you a few questions and perhaps the answers that you give may in fact pursuade you to change your mind.

Time is precious so here are four questions that I want you to answer and then reflect upon them. You may then see the importance of having this very valuable platform on the internet to get your message out there…

Do you want to dominate your chosen niche/sub niche market? If you answered yes then you must have a blog as it is one of the most search engine friendly platforms to expand your coverage across the internet. You will be amazed where your blog posts end up, including being published on high ranking websites and blogs that compliment yours.

Do you want to build a rapport with your target market? If you answered yes then by blogging on a regular basis and structuring the post that encourages those reading to leave comments and ask questions, you will start to become valuable to these people, they will start to trust you, see you as an authority figure and in time take the action you want when you make recommendations.

Do you want an ever increasing amount of web traffic? If you answered yes then I hope you will realise the potential a blog offers to get content out fast and for it to be indexed quickly. In a tightly focused niche or sub niche where you concentrate on a small number of keyword phrases, by creating posts around such phrases you have the potential to dominate the first page of Google…with several of these entries being blog posts. Then watch your traffic figures go up and up.

Do you want an online platform that is easy to create and add to? If you answered yes then in a blog you have just that. It is so simple to start a blog as the platform is free (go to WordPress) and rather than be faced with lots of technical stuff when setting up a conventional website, a blog is as simple as typing a letter. There is no technical expertise required. In fact, once you know your way around a blog, you can set one up from scratch in about fifteen minutes and have it live on the internet!

So there are four questions I want you to answer if you do not already have a blog. And if you are now seeking to get one for your own information marketing business, then how about being able to call upon one of the UK’s foremost blogging experts whenever you have a blog question to ask. He is available to all members of the Internet Marketing Review and I have managed to arrange a trial membership just for you if you go now to information marketing blog

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