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It is so important to ensure you create a USP for your home internet business. Your unique selling proposition will define you, your internet business and ultimately the sucecss you achieve online. There are so many “me too” businesses and websites around that they are all fighting for some of the same pot. Make yourself different, and even in a crowded market you can achieve amazing amounts of success.

Take a look at my video which gives are great example of a USP in action. It was videoed on SeaDream 2 somewhere in the Grenadines…

As you can see, SeaDream Yacht Club have created a clearly identifiable USP, “It is yachting, not cruising” and it appeals to the likes of me who love to sail but find the idea of spending a holiday on a conventional cruise ship not to my taste. I like the small anchorages, the laid back lifestyle, the very flexible agenda, small number of fellow guests, very personal tailor made service, do what you want when you want…in fact everything that cruising struggles to provide.

SeaDream are recreating a “your own private yacht” experience. Whilst I would always chose a sailing boat over a motor yacht, sometimes even I will submit to such luxury!

So go and make sure you are using your USP to its maximum in your internet marketing business. Make sure prospects and customers know exactly who you are and why you are different from the crowd. And by having a strong USP, even in a busy market, you can take a good slice of the business.

Go now and pick up my free report “Internet Marketer’s Inside Report” which will show you exactly how to pick a niche, research a market and then position yourself with your own USP. Go now to how to find an internet marketing niche

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When starting a work at home online business you need to undertake a fundamental task before you do anything else. You need to spend time finding, researching and deciding upon a niche to base your business on.

The niche could be located within a sub market, often very profitable internet businesses are based upon a smaller sub market…but one that contains enough people who are hungry for the very information that the marketer provides

Take a look at the video where I talk about and give you an example of a niche “in action”

As you can see, even in a very crowded market, there will undoubtedly be sub or sub sub niches that you can find and exploit. There will be pockets of people who are hungry for specialist information and if you can find such a scenario and postion yourself as the expert, the authority figure, perhaps because you yourself take a great interest or have experience in the topic, then you can dominate that market and make profits.

The first thing you must do is read my review of the Internet Business Start Up Kit. This will take you step by step through the exact process you must take to find the niche for you and ensure there is a market waiting for you. Go now to how to find an internet niche

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If you want to be sure you know how to research an internet niche then listen in to my checklist of what you should be looking out for and taking note of…

Remember, undertaking research is not something that should be skimped, ignored or not taken seriously. You may think you have a great idea, a big market and lots of people just waiting to become prospects and customers. Really?

Please…do the research and avoid the frustration that may occur later on when you find that there is really not much of a market there at all.

If you want to be taken by the hand and shown the exact steps of undertaking internet marketing research for a potential niche that you are interested in, inlcuding where to look, what to look out for, what numbers say “yes” and “no”, then you cannot afford not to get the Internet Business Start Up Kit. Go now and read my full review and grab your order today at how to research a niche internet market

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This internet business tip is about harnessing the virtue of focus. That is to focus the mind, to concentrate on one plan, one action , one task at one time.

It is all too easy with online marketing to get distracted and skip from one opportunity to another. Don’t…

By not being caught in the shiny bullet headlights you can make a decision to follow a plan and see it through. Why would you want to change course or stop? You will have undertaken all the necessary research to determine that there is a hungry niche market that is searching for the very information you can supply to them both in a free and paid for format.

You have identified a profitable market in your chosen niche. Then focus, concentrate and take action to go and earn it!

And for those who want to follow a proven plan that works (it worked for me and many others) you must get and use the step by step plan found in the Internet Business Start Up Kit. I have a full review for you to find all about how it will help you create, build and profit from an internet business. Go now to online marketing course

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One important info marketing tip that I want to talk about is often a barrier to progress which can stop many from progress and utlimately reaching their goals for their online business. It is all about trying to strive for perfection. It is a noble goal but it can also prevent you from finishing anything and getting it out there for customers to buy.

Take a look at my tartan tip video where I explain more…

Don’t forget what I say about if it is good enough, then it is good enough. Nothing will ever be perfect, so why use up valuable time trying to attain it. Remember… a customer is going to buy your product to use the information that it contains for them to solve a problem or progress with their interests and passions.

They are not buying it because it has a lovely cover and pretty pictures. It is the information that is of value. As long as the product is not full of mistakes and is frankly amatuerish, then it will be good enough.

In my review of the Internet Business Start Up Kit, you will discover the step by step plan to start creating and building your own internet business. Remember, no product is perfect, you are interested in the information it contains. Find out exactly what is contains at how to start an internet business

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One very important aspect for your online marketing business is knwoing how to correctly price your information product. There is a need for research to check out what the competition is offering and charging but also you should not lose sight of a very important factor when you price your information product.

Take a look at my Tartan Tip video where I reveal more…

It can really feel difficult to offer your product for a higher price than you intended, but often yourcustoemrs will be only to happy to pay such a price. Remember, it is the information that you are making available that they want, and if it will help them to pogress their passions and interests, then how much do you think they would really be prepared to pay?

Go now and get my free Internet Marketing Insiders Report that will not only show you how to put a product together but also how to market it including pricing. Get it now at online marketing tips

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This is not just a vital tip for you to achieve internet marketing success, but to achieve success in any business endeavor.

Just because your formal education has probably finished does not mean that the continuation of learning should stop. Formal education created the foundation on which you can build everything else. Now is the time to start or increase the self learning to facilite your goal attainment.

Take a look at my video tip about self education…

Remember, this does not have to take up a lot of your time. Try to read ten pages per day of your chosen book. That adds up to a very large amount of self education of the period of a year.

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Have you ever though that you could be leaving money on the table by only offering your product in one type of format. A profitable internet marketing tactic is to take what could be an ebook and create audio or video from it.

Have a listen to what you should be doing to ensure you maximise profits from your efforts.

Remember, some of your customers will want to read the info you provide, some will want to listen to it and others will want to watch.

By doing all three, you will be taking very positive action to build a successful home internet marketing business.

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If you ever have the desire to be different, then internet marketing is a great platform for you. The vast majority of online marketing falls into the category of “me too”, the webmaster staying in the safe enviroment where most others are found.

To get heard, noticed and ultimately remembered you have to get out of the comfort zone, think differently and take action that creates results that are different.

Have a listen to this internet marketing tip…

So what are you going to do to liven up your internet marketing, make it different, make it stand out from the crowd. By separating yourself from the other noise in your niche, you will be able to position yourself, people will remember you and will spread the word. And that is another great way to increase your exposure within your niche.

Be different in your internet marketing efforts , and watch the results!

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