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The title says it all…Beginner To Profit is a very simple online video guide that will show you how to make profits from affiliate marketing. Neil Stafford has put together a “hold your hand” step by step product that gives you a blueprint to follow to set up mini websites very quickly to market an affiliate product to a online niche.

Is that all? No, not quite. The great thing about this online video course is that by following the instructions (which are given to you via video in real time) as you see Neil actually go through each step. All you have to do is copy what he does. I really like products that do that, don’t you?

The philosophy behind Beginner To Profit is to identify an online niche, ensure there is a market, not too much competition, create a website, write some content, find a product and bingo…your’re done! That is it in a nutshell but when you get into the details you will then see why it is so effective in achieving what it claims to do…make sure your site has the best chance to get as high as possible on the first page of Google! (That is the key to make this type of website work).

Is it effective? Well…I did exactly what it said on the tin and…I will reveal the results after you read why it is so effective.

This is what your Clickbank account can look like…filling up with commissions! 


The system will only work when you follow the strict criteria…

  • It centres around picking one keyword of a certain type in the niche that you have identifed
  • There is a strict formula that it advocates to find the sweet spot for the number of searches for the keyword
  • Again, there is a strict formula for the amount of competition for the keyword
  • The first page of Google must be analysed using certain criteria…this is so important!
  • The website is based on a platform that you can create in minutes…not technical know how needed.
  • The exact process for setting up the website is shown…what to do, what to use, how to do it
  • What the website needs to attract both targeted traffic and the search engines
  • Plus advanced tactics to really power your website to attract even more traffic

I found the whole system incredibly easy to do…in fact I was churning these websites out at a rate of two per week. That is right, from researching a niche, keywords etc right the way through to creating content and picking an affiliate product.

The great thing is that once the website is finished then that is it. You do not need to do anything else…and because it is set up in a certain way, it has the very best chance to get high up page one of Google for the very keyword you are targeting.

Neil also includes a marketing blueprint if you want to build an internet business around creating a few of these type of sites and drive your profits upwards. It involves a marketing strategy including blog posting, article marketing, online video, forum posting etc. Nothing too difficult but a little more work for some more reward.

All the information is available for you for only two £97 investments over two months. In fact, you could even have it paid for itself by the end of the first month if you did one new site per week (easy to do when you follow the simple instructions). 

For more indepth infomation about how you can take the Beginner To Profit online video course and within a day or two have a website live and marketing to a defined group of searchers who are hungry for the information that you offer by way of an affiliate product then click on how to start affiliate marketing

Oh, nearly forgot to tell you…I now have over 12 of these specially designed websites that now market to very tightly defined sub niches. I also use the strategy to create one page websites as additional platforms to attract traffic all based around a specific keyword and then send them over to a related product page of my main websites. (Works a treat, even had one feature on the first page of Google at position 4, first 3 were videos, in a very competative market).


The benefits of Public Domain resources in terms of saving time, hassles, money and getting your own unique product ready to offer very quickly are only actually enjoyed by a small group of info marketers. Why? Well, a lot of people are just not aware of the Public Domain and the content it can offer, whilst offers think it is just too complicated and not worth the bother.

I am amzed how few info marketers do go and mine the rich seams of free content waiting to be literally picked up and used. And now, there is a membership website that does the “hard work” for you.

Not that it is hard work…tracking down free content (once you have researched the niche market and found a demand for such of course) making changes and turning it into an ebook. It does take a little time, less than trying to create a new product from scratch…unless you take advantage of Public Domain For Profit membership website.

I think this is very clever. They research the market (or the one you ask them to), they find the resource, they format it and create it in eBook format and make it available to you…all part of the service. And there will be 4 – 6 new titles every month. Just look at what membership gives you…     

A Download Area which contains original copies of Public Domain works that you can use to create your own information products and Derivative Works and access to Public Domain Resource Articles which cover everything from creating a product, Internet marketing, offline advertising, and…

 The Public Domain Resource Rolodex that will give you resource after resource where you can easily find Public Domain material and anything relating to it. Plus tutorials with Camtasia video on how to produce your own information products, copywriting resources, marketing tools and help and a discussion forum. Effectively you are given the content then supplied the tools to ensure that you take it and are able to create the very product you want and market it on your website.

And I see that you are given a free DVD that shows you everything you need to do from researching your niche market to getting traffic to your website and building an email list.

All that for a month’s trial at $5.95. I ask you…what have you got to lose? (Just think…access to all these eBooks taken from the public domain and just waiting for you to make your own plus top help about how to market them).

Go now to Public Domain eBooks for more info and start your own Public Domain empire or add a few titles to your info marketing business. 

I am a member of the website and it really is a super, dare I say “secret” resource to access great content that very few others know about. Just think about how many in your niche market are using Public Domain content? And how many are getting top quality help and resources to ensure you profit from your products?

Sometimes you find absolute nuggets on the internet. Public Domain For Profit is one of them.  






What Is Public Domain

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I am letting you in on a secret world that I only found out about not that long ago.
A world that brings with it the benefits of saved time, expense,hassle, frustration…And lets you power ahead your internet business using a resource that others have created, few know about, and… you can profit from!
So what am I on about? It is the secret world of Public Domain. 
Put simply, you can take a resource, this can be a book, writings, ilms, music that others have created and you can now use for what can be no cost to you whatsoever! That is right. You can take someone eles’s hard work and use it yourself to profit from. Now, there are restrictions on what you can use which is related to when it was created and whether it is still “protected”.
The secret is… if you know where to look and how to look, you can uncover some gems that are entirely yours to use at no cost. Now, there maybe a little cost to you. That is once you have found the resource you can buy a copy. It is like going to websites such as Amazon and buying one. Often the cost is tiny, a few pounds or dollars, if that.
But don’t loose sight to this… you then have free reign to do anything, yes anything that you want to do with it. Change it a little, yes you can alter it to suit your market, and then put your name on it! You, the author of a book which for the most part someone else wrote and you can now sell…and “protect” in your name! The possibilities are endless and for an info marketer this is great news!
(I know an info marketer who has built his internet business around just one public domain resource in a niche that is highly competitive…and has made unbelievable profits from it). You can find great sources of content that it’s likely no-one else in your niche knows about.
Now, you have to adhere to the rules when sourcing thses resources and how you reformat them. I found it a bit tricky at first to get my head around it all and I was really grateful for a course that showed me everything, took me by the hand and led me through each step to create my own resource.
It is called Public Domain Instant Profit System by Neil Stafford. If anyone knows how to use Public Domain material for profit…he does.
So what did I find when the package was delivered…
It is divided up into six modules for you to work through. They are:
  • Idea generation and how to research your chosen market
  • Where to locate Public Domain material, how to check copyright and preparing your product for sale. (Mentioned are 15 websites to visit and Project Guttenburg is not one of them)
  • How to create a winning sales letter (you can use Neil’s actual template)
  • Marketing techniques and how to generate targeted traffic
  • How to build an email list quickly
  • Creating upsells to profit further

What I really like about the Public Domain Profit System is that it comes with 3 ready made websites, sales letter, email sign up box, download page selling an eBook which was created from Public Domain material. This will enable you to get 3 websites live in a matter of an hour or two. You can then make the product  available on Clickbank and get others to sell for you. And as it is Public Domain material, how about changing it slightly such as a new title, add a little contant and you can claim the copyright for your own exclusive unique product.

And there are great bonuses as well…

I won’t list them all here, but I think you should know that you will get one year’s free membership to Public Domian Profits membership site where you can access many Public Domain works that have been formated for you…ready to take and use as you wish, plus a new product is made available each month. All for free!

You will also get online training videos and a personal one to one call with Neil and his business partner Neil Travers.   

I used Public Domain Instant Profits System and thoroughly recommend that you should too. Just last week I went back to it to refresh my understanding of what I could change on a book I had just bought…for $2. I am thinking of selling it with bonuses for around $37! Great work if you can get it  And now you can!
Go now to Public Domain Instant Profit System and find out exactly how you can get into this secret profitable world.

I think now more than ever is a superb time to start an online business. There is so much change around us, the economy continues to splutter, if you believe all the doom and gloom then the end is nigh! Yet it is also a time of great opportunity for anyone to take action and create a internet home based business venture for themselves.

The internet is there. So why don’t you take advantage of it? The vast majority of people do not know how… yet that is not an excuse for doing nothing. Anyone, and I mean anyone can start an online business even with no experience at all. It is much easier if you know where to look for help.

I started my internet business in 2008 and I did not have much of a clue. If I can do it them so can you, so can anyone. Imagine that you created and built your own online business that was making you several hundred pounds/dollars of profit per month. Now imagine if that was increased to a few thousand per month. It can be done.

And if you do it, then all this economic doom and gloom will not be affecting you so much as compared to the the vast majority of the population that just let it all happen to them, let circumstances dictate their lives. You are different and now is the time to take action.

I have been introduced to an audio cd that will take you through the seven steps you need to follow to discover how to start an online business. Two of the UK’s top information marketers Neil Stafford and Neil Travers discuss the exact steps you need to take. This is the plan that they use to take the people they tutor onto internet business success by showing them how straight forward it can be creating and building a niche internet business. 

They discuss the whys, the hows, the wheres, the whats. I wasted too much time in the early days simple because I did not have a certain plan to work from. Too many internet marketing newbies still do. Please don’t be one of them. 

There is no magic formula, there is no secret step. But if you are willing to take action, put in some effort and work then the Two Neils’ will reveal to you the very plan that they teach their students. The very plan that they taught me.

And the great thing is it is here for you FOR FREE!

The Seven Steps For How To Start An Online Business

A how to start an online business that will ensure you are shielded from the economic storm that we are going through and the ramifications that will last for decades. Yes…decades. If you want the chance of a secure financial  future you have two options…

  • Do nothing and hope for the best or
  • Get the FREE audio and do exactly what the Two Neils’ advise you to do (and stick around here as I will be more than happy to help you too!)

How much would one hour consultancy with these two cost? Whatever figure you have it will probably be on the low side for an exclusive hour of both their time. And you can get that hour for free!

Go now to to discover how to start an online business to collect your FREE audio cd. 

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“The Step By Step Plan For Those In Internet Marketing Who Have Yet To Make Money Online”

There are many people who wanted to make money online by starting a niche internet business. They bought various products often with the promise of getting rich without much effort. Well…as normally happens, reality bites. In real life, what “latest system” exists, what “loophole to exploit” is waiting, what “easy money formula” is available?

Do such things exist in real life? No…and they don’t exist online either. Yet money can be made online if a proven step by step plan is followed using techniques that have worked for others to build a niche internet marketing business.

And the two keywords here are “build” as in not overnight but with work, effort, belief, diligence and tenancity to create a “business”. That is what happens in the real world and that is how to succeed online too. Build a business through working on it. And do this by following a plan, using the techniques of others who have succeeded and continue to succeed.

That is the formula I have used after learning from Neil Stafford and Neil Travers, “The Two Neils”.

Their excellent course “Internet Business Profits Revealed” is for the person who is aware of what internet marekting is, perhaps has tried it but has not had much if any success. What should they do now? What would I do now if I were still in that position…perhaps in the position you find yourself now? I would go and find someone who walked the walk. who had succeeded and effectively follow what they do, adopt their systems and techniques, use their suggestions and strategies for the niche that I was entering.

And that is exactly what “Internet Business Profits Revealed” does for you.  It peels away what you thought were “the secrets” and takes you through the exact methods used by the Two Neils on every niche market that they have entered and now successfully market to

Waiting for you to discover is… 

  • To show you how to make the greatest amount of £££ selling information products
  • Enable you to identify niche markets and what these niche markets desire
  • Walk you through the specific process of creating your own information product
  • Direct you to reliable sources for anything you’ll need as an information marketer
  • Demonstrate the tools you’ll need to succeed as an information marketer
  • Give you detailed and sepcific information on how to sell your products for maximum profits
  • Detail specific means of promoting your information products both off and online

It will give you a specific action plan that you can leave with to launch your internet marketing business.

This course is intended to give you a detailed introduction to the information marketing business and give you a thorough, yet simple, plan of action to generate income quickly. It is not intended to be an all-encompassing plan covering all the hundreds of subjects that fall into the creation, marketing and selling of information products.

I can best describe it as not another “how to” course…but a how the two Neil’s run their business, how I run mine and how you can mirror their and my success.

As part of Internet Business Profits Revealed you will receive

  • Ten dvds of the recording of a very small and exclusive two day mastermind class where the Two Neils demonstrate, discuss, answer, reveal and help ordinary people just like you on how to use the very system that has brought the both of them huge profits from their niche marketing
  • Two workbooks that you work through as you watch the dvds
  • A personalised action plan to help you motor through each of the steps as you carefully develop your internet business
  • Quite start guide
  • Listen to this first cd – know exactly where you are going and what to do
  • Neil Stafford’s personal guarantee (I think this is priceless – click the link to find out more)
  • Full length screen capture training videos (look over Neil’s shoulder as he shows you what to do)
  • Email and ad templates
  • Sales letter templates
  • Neil Stafford will review your: first market research, sales letter, advert and website!
  • CD interview of a WordPress expert revealing how to set up a blog
  • CD of web 2.0 winning tactics
  • THREE 30 minute telephone consulatations with Neil
  • Lifetime info marketing updates
internet home business

Here Is Your Internet Business Profits Revealed Home Study Course

Internet Business Profits Revealed is a first class top course for anyone who wants to take their fledgling internet marketing efforts and turbo boost them to where you really want to be…making sales and profits, building your email list…in fact you will be building your own niche internet business.

I took all the help it offered and I am now seeing the results. My email lists are increasing in numbers, my marketing is very much more effective, and I am now making sales. And you can to. Before taking action, I spent time hoping it would happen and of course it did not. Some of the work I was doing was correct, some of it was a waste of time, yet I was not doing so much more.

And the difference is amazing. I am now building a niche internet business and now is the opportunity for you to do the same by getting your hands on Internet Business Profits Revealed and start to follow the plan that has brought success to the Two Neils and many others including myself and soon…it could be you too! But you have to take action, now.

Go now to Internet Business Profits Revealed and start today on the road to building and profiting from your very own niche internet business

PS. If you are just starting out and have not done any internet marketing before, I suggest that this may not be the best course for you to start with. Don’t worry though, you have not lost out. I have for you the “Internet Business Start Up Kit”.

This is for the beginner to online marketing and will quite literally take you by the hand and lead you along the very path that the Two Neil’s took so you too can create, build and profit from your very own niche internet business. 

It is a great start up course and explains what you need to do with very simple instructions, plus you get some amazing bonuses as well. I can’t recommend any better internet start up course that is available in terms of what you are going to learn, the help you will get and the quite amazing price it is available for those that go to their website from

Go now to Internet Business Start Up Kit and begin the path to your own online marketing success. 


For Home Internet Marketing Website/Blog Owners…

“As Close To Personal Coaching For How To Create, Build And Profit FromYour Own Niche Internet Business As It Gets…Free

Just imagine if you had the chance to receive coaching from two of the UK’s top niche information marketers? Where they revealed what strategies and plans they are using in their various niches to profit to extraordinary levels. The techniques that have worked, what they are trailing and how you can implement them to for your own benefit.

But not only that…it goes much further. To succeed in anything you must create the correct mindset, have the correct thinking process. You can either have a website or you can be the owner of an internet business. There is a difference.

And when I learned of the difference when introduced to Neil Stafford and Neil Travers, that is when things started to happen for me and my internet marketing efforts started to pay dividends.  

All this is possible with Gold membership of the Internet Marketing Review. It’s as close to being personally coached by information marketers who walk the walk without having to fork out large sums of your hard earned cash. 

For a start, every month I receive my own copy of the Internet Marketing Review newsletter. There are twenty four pages crammed full of what I want to continue to build and profit from my own internet marketing business. To give you a taste, here is what is included in the latest edition:

  • How keeping going pays off big time
  • Seven steps to help develop your story telling skills
  • How to grow and thrive in the online marketing world
  • How to increase your affiliate commisions
  • Four quick link building tactics
  • The secrets of my success (Tommy Hilfinger)
  • What you can learn from the past masters of copywriting
  • How to tackle a challenge head on (and succeed)
  • Debunking myths about how to submit articles
  • Online video marketing and the rise of advertainment
  • How to create blog posts both the search engines and the blog visitors love
  • Book review of what you should be reading this month

Do you think that is enough to keep you going for the next month? I really look forward to receiving my copy each month and I know there will be enough in it for me to use the information and help provided on my own niche internet marketing business.

As you can see, it is not just how to do internet marketing. Every month includes features that are related to methods of achieving progress and success, all laced with motivation and inspiration.

 It is very important to look outside the online marketing box and see yourself as an entrepreneur. You will not only benefit from cutting edge tactics and help, you will also be given the “push” as the two Neil’s enthusiasm for what they do shines through.

And the next edition promises:

  • Video marketing essentials
  • 12 story telling strategies laid bare
  • Simple product creation techniques

And in addition, with Gold membership of the Internet Marketing Review you will also get a cd with your monthly newsletter. This is often the two Neil’s discussing a topic of online marketing that they are involved with, or interviewing a guest. The content each month is very valuable. Each cd is for sale at £ 29.95 but you get it FREE!

And…I have left this until last. Membership also gives you access to the website which is full of resources, articles, how to videos, podcasts about what anyone needs to know to create, build and profit from an internet business. There is also an active forum…

Not any old forum. This is the most positive, helpful and friendly information marketing forum I have found. No question is too silly to ask. One question often turns into a full blown discussion. Often, a member will bring something to the attention of everyone else.

The help and the giving of free quality information from some very succesful marketers makes this discussion forum…priceless. (And yes, the two Neil’s are active participants on the forum…ask a question and you will most likely get one of them answering…what did I say about as close to personal coaching as it gets?

The fantastic news for you is…

You can have all this for FREE for a whole two months. The monthly newletters and cd’s and full access to the membership site including the forum. You can trial it for two months and see if it is of benefit to you. If not, then you must already be very successful and can ignore help and information that the top marketers in the UK are providing.

The Internet Marketing Review is a resource and I could not do without for building and profiting from my niche internet business. Whether you are just starting out or already are enjoying success with information marketing, I guarantee you will be very happy that you took action and signed up for your two month free trial.

Take a look at what is on offer for you. Take action and get well ahead of the vast majority that are doomed to remain where they are.


I Have Found For You The Simple Step By Step Answers For Your Own eBook Publishing Profits

“New Power eBooks gives you the step by step plan you need to succeed online.”

That is what is claimed in the two Neil’s product and read on to find out if you can actually succeed online selling ebooks by following this step by step course.

Ebooks are the default digital products. In fact, a top book retailer has recently reported that sales of eBooks have rocketed over the last year and are, in some cases, selling in greater numbers than their hard copy equivalent. Now that may be the case for novels to be read on a Kindle, but is it the case for selling information to niche markets?

For the marketer, an eBook can be put together quickly and delivered without cost. Do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. For the customer, it is a convenient method to store information and can be accessed easily.

So imagine if you had one, two…however many niche websites all selling an eBook? Imagine if each one made just one sale per day? Do the maths and you can see how profitable creating an eBook publishing business can be.

But where do you start…the research, creating the website/blog, pulling together the content then writing the eBook, formatting it, publishing it then there is all the marketing to do to bring targetted traffic? And don’t forget building an email list to communicate with prospects and customers. Then again, should you write the book first or build a list of people who are interested in the book that you will publish?

Many questions…and I have a great solution for answering them all for you to create, build and profit from your own eBook publishing business.

Your package of NewPowerEbooks will include:

  • How To Build Your Own eBook Publishing Business” manual
  • 6 DVD’s of a “take you by the hand” workshop showing you exactly what to do and how to do it (effectively bringing the manual to life)
  • Quick Start Audio cd
  • Resource cd including website and copywriting templates
  • Two months FREE GOLD membership to the Internet Marketing Review, including monthly 24 page newsletter and cd and full access to the website and active forum.

Let’s delve a little deeper as see what highlights are included…it is all presented in a step by step process:

  • How to choose a topic for your eBook
  • Understand the “3 P” model and all three must overlap for success
  • How to become a “star” in your niche market
  • How to create your eBook (you don’t even have to write one word if you don’t want too)
  • How to prepare your eBook for sale
  • The best website structure for selling an eBook
  • How and where to use graphics
  • Videos of how to construct a website
  • How to create a sales letter (the exact process the two Neil’s use)
  • How to put together a winning bonus package
ebook publishing

Here Is Your New Power eBook Course

And you are not left there…

You are then shown a marketing plan to follow that will ensure you get a regular flow of targetted traffic to your website. These are not the countless dozen methods…they are a handful of the most effective traffic creation methods being used today by the top internet marketers. And how to get others to sell your eBook for you…you will be shown exactly how to go about this, even getting a copy of the exact email the two Neil’s use to send to perspective sellers!


How to build an email list so you can then communicate with prospects and customers and make further offers to them…and further profits for you.

Not that long ago, I attempted to do all this without much of this top guidance and help. I stumbled along but did make some progress. It would have been much faster if I had a reference like NewPowerEbooks to help me.

I like following a step by step plan. I like the “write down for me what I have to do in simple language in a logical format” philosophy and having bought other similar products, NewPowerEbooks is certainly one of the most comprehensive yet easily followed and implemented resource available to set up and profit from an eBook selling business.

The seemingly large hurdle that stops 97% of people who want to make money online is the stage of “how do I actually start doing it?”. Yes, there is work to be done, no you will not see results instantaneously, but by working on small bits one at a time of each stage, before long YOU CAN also have an home internet business selling information in eBook form into niche markets.

This is not just a “how to” course. It will show you how to build an internet business selling eBooks. Then you can develop your business how you like…

I am doing it and with NewPowerEbooks you can do it too! 


How to build an email list and then how to profit from it are two of the holy grails of niche internet marketing and from the beginner to the top marketers, we are all attempting to grow and prosper from our email lists.

Yet for the beginner and those fairly new to online marketing, it can be very frustrating trying to crack the code. So if you are still not having the success that you thought you might have had by now or just unsure about exactly how and where to start…

Then this is the time to do something practical about it.

I have looked at and used quite a lot of list building references and the one thing that I have found is that they always left too many unanswered questions. I often felt there was something missing. So I began really studying the emails I was receiving from well known and successful marketers and I began to notice something very significant.

And it is something that is the basis for Neil Stafford’s and Neil Travers’ online successes… 

In “New Power List Building” no stone is left unturned. If you want to create, build and profit from your online business you must have a responsive and growing email list. And this is exactly how to achieve it.

Everything two of the UK’s best online marketers, Neil Stafford and Neil Travers have learned about email marketing list building over the last ten years has been laid bear for you. This is the real world, in the trenches, practical teaching of their successful list building techniques and tactics.

Available are the six steps to build an email list fast and how to profit from it plus the newcomers biggest mistake. Just find out if you are making it too. In fact, if you are not aware of this then you are mostly likely failing to cash in on what should be your most prized asset. And it is costing you dearly, day in day out. You cannot have a profitable online business if you don’t follow this one golden rule.

You will also find the essential three key elements that no online marketer can do without if they want to create, build and profit from an online business, how to keep prospects onside and how to convert them to customers. If you are not aware of the correct mix of content and promotions you could be doing a lot of damage to your future business prospects.

And what about the age old problem of getting your emails opened? That is covered in depth as are fourteen proven methods to ensure that your email marketing lists continue to grow. Plus also…does size matter? Find out exactly how small a list can be and still be very profitable.

All this and much more is contained in “New Power List Building” where you will receive:

  • An audio cd of The Two Neil’s revealing their list building and emailmarketing strategies and secrets 
  • Transcript of the audio
  • Special Insider’s Guide that will reveal the exact thinking behind their strategy and show you exactly what to do.

It is all available for what I would consider an amazing low price for the quality of the information you will receive.

Yes…they could have gone into more depth about more advanced strategies but I think that would have just overwhelmed the reader. I suggest your strategy should be a case of lets keep this simple and easy to follow and gets some traffic flowing, signups happening and sales being made. Then lets take a look at more complex stuff.

To get started, you can claim your FREE mastery training video and in depth report by clicking on build an email list fast


If you want to start an internet business or have being trying to succeed with internet marketing for a while but just haven’t reached your goals, then it is important to acknowledge that success will appear if you are willing to build the solid foundations that are required.

From understanding what your potential market is, to researching it and making a sound business decision based on that research, through to creating a website and product and then starting to market it, takes time, effort and belief. Too many try and skip various parts of this process and surprise, surprise…they don’t find success. Is it not better to be lead by the hand and shown exactly what to do?

In my very early days of online marketing, I made the serious mistakes thinking I could just jump right in, put up a website and bingo, the profits will roll in. I was very wrong and only when I accepted that it required planning and sticking to a proven path, then I would find success. I need to find one plan, not a noise of help from all directions.

What is needed at your disposal is a niche internet marketing bible that will take you through step by step actions to ensure you are following the correct course.

A reference that leaves nothing out to ensure that you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals that are required to create, build and profit from an internet business.

What you need, and what I fully recommend is the “Internet Business Start Up Kit

I’m now going to take you through exactly what is waiting for you…

Let’s just recap of what you are going to get…

  • Internet Business Start Up Kit Manual
  • Resource cd
  • Niche Report
  • Time Management Report

Plus also all these incredible bonuses…

  • 6 dvd’s of Internet Business Start Up Workshop
  • 2 Months’ Free Membership to the Two Neil’s Internet Marketing Review
  • Blogging For Beginner’s cd
  • Power Article Marketing cd

And don’t forget the 45 day no questions asked guarantee and if after 90 days you have not reached your internet marketing goal, Neil Stafford will create a mini marketing plan for you and personally mentor you!

Do you think you can now succeed online? When shown exactly what to do by two of the UK’s most respected and successful online marketers?

internet business start up kit

Here Is Your Internet Business Start Up Kit

I have and are presently using the plan that they have taught me to create, build and profit from my own niche internet business. I make sure I keep updating what I do, test what I do. I am doing this everyday…come and join me. 

Remember…the majority of those that want to have a website and sales will only do no better than play at it. It will be a hobby. If you regard it as a business and are prepared to take action, then you are already halfway to success.

The other half is available for you at Internet Business Start Up Kit

P.S. No, I am not just starting out. But not that long ago, this would be the product that I be very pleased with after using it. To get going, you will be hard pressed to find a better one (especially at such a bargain price).


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