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5 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid


For an information marketing business your email list has to be nourished and protected as a valuable asset but there are email marketing mistakes that are all too often commited that can have a very damaging effect on the relationship you have with those that have signed up and are willing for you to send them email messages.

The point of building an email list  is to gather together those that have expressed an interest in what you have to say and wish to be kept informed of such. They are prospects and with the right methods, a good proportion of them should be able to be converted into customers. Here are 5 email marketing mistakes that will make that job all the harder.

  1. Loud and Brash Selling: Your email in box probably gets its fair share of hard selling messages each day and they do nothing to advance your knowledge of a subject by offering free information and help. Most likely the emails contain a brash “buy this” sales message. If someone has signed up to your email list to learn and get help and then gets on the receiving end of countless such messages it won’t be long before they click on the unsubscribe link.
  2. Not Acknowledging Objections – When you do make a recommendation (note how I don’t refer to it as an offer) then be honest about what the product or service will offer the customer including any aspect or feature of it that might actually not be as useful as envisaged. The trick is to make them seem insignificant in comparison to the benefits of the product.
  3. Lack of Professional Design – Never skimp on the look of any website or sales letter that you send a prospect to or the look or “feel” of the product itself. There is nothing more off putting for a potential customer than to land on a poorly designed and crafted website. Don’t try and cut corners or cost…it will affect your success.
  4. Claims You Can’t Prove – Don’t go promising the earth and making claims that are just not believable. People can see right through such nonsense and will click away. The key here is to make smaller but more believable claims and you will have a much greater chance of being successful with your recommendations.
  5. Don’t Forget To Protect The Quality Of Your Brand – Word spreads fast on the internet so it is vital that you protect what you have in terms of how you are portrayed. And negative reviews of your website, how you undertake marketing or your customer service will hurt future sales. So always be aware of what you say, what you offer and in particular if you are recommending an affiliate offer, be sure that the product or service is of the standard that is acceptable to you.

So there are the five email marketing mistakes that you must take time to ensure you avoid at all costs. Your email list is a very valuable asset if you have cultivated it, built a relationship with it and the members value your information and help. They will feel a loyalty to you…so don’t then go and blow it by being slipshod and careless.

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