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Secrets For Building Profitable Email Marketing Lists


How to build an email list and then how to profit from it are two of the holy grails of niche internet marketing and from the beginner to the top marketers, we are all attempting to grow and prosper from our email lists.

Yet for the beginner and those fairly new to online marketing, it can be very frustrating trying to crack the code. So if you are still not having the success that you thought you might have had by now or just unsure about exactly how and where to start…

Then this is the time to do something practical about it.

I have looked at and used quite a lot of list building references and the one thing that I have found is that they always left too many unanswered questions. I often felt there was something missing. So I began really studying the emails I was receiving from well known and successful marketers and I began to notice something very significant.

And it is something that is the basis for Neil Stafford’s and Neil Travers’ online successes… 

In “New Power List Building” no stone is left unturned. If you want to create, build and profit from your online business you must have a responsive and growing email list. And this is exactly how to achieve it.

Everything two of the UK’s best online marketers, Neil Stafford and Neil Travers have learned about email marketing list building over the last ten years has been laid bear for you. This is the real world, in the trenches, practical teaching of their successful list building techniques and tactics.

Available are the six steps to build an email list fast and how to profit from it plus the newcomers biggest mistake. Just find out if you are making it too. In fact, if you are not aware of this then you are mostly likely failing to cash in on what should be your most prized asset. And it is costing you dearly, day in day out. You cannot have a profitable online business if you don’t follow this one golden rule.

You will also find the essential three key elements that no online marketer can do without if they want to create, build and profit from an online business, how to keep prospects onside and how to convert them to customers. If you are not aware of the correct mix of content and promotions you could be doing a lot of damage to your future business prospects.

And what about the age old problem of getting your emails opened? That is covered in depth as are fourteen proven methods to ensure that your email marketing lists continue to grow. Plus also…does size matter? Find out exactly how small a list can be and still be very profitable.

All this and much more is contained in “New Power List Building” where you will receive:

  • An audio cd of The Two Neil’s revealing their list building and emailmarketing strategies and secrets 
  • Transcript of the audio
  • Special Insider’s Guide that will reveal the exact thinking behind their strategy and show you exactly what to do.

It is all available for what I would consider an amazing low price for the quality of the information you will receive.

Yes…they could have gone into more depth about more advanced strategies but I think that would have just overwhelmed the reader. I suggest your strategy should be a case of lets keep this simple and easy to follow and gets some traffic flowing, signups happening and sales being made. Then lets take a look at more complex stuff.

To get started, you can claim your FREE mastery training video and in depth report by clicking on build an email list fast


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