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Two Things Not To Put In Email Subject Lines


The relationship you have with your email list creates the underlying value for your online business so you need to be aware of what not to put in email subject lines. The reason for a subject line is to raise enough curiosity to get the recipient to click on it in order to read your email. But what if the email subject line is misleading?

I raise this topic because recently I have been receiving a few emails from other online marketers that at first glance don’t appear to be what they actually are. Confused? If you don’t want to antagonise your email list members, then read on…

This is fact…it is always a challenge to get your emails opened and read but you should never resort to tactics that could have major repercussions in the relationship that you must be developing with your customers and prospects.

One of the emails that I received had in the subject line “Re:” Now, this can be used by the recipient when replying to an email that has been sent to them. Wait a minute…I did not send this marketer an email, yet the thinking behind it is that I will be fooled into thinking it is a reply to an earlier email of mine. Naughty, I don’t like it and that marketer now has one less prospect on their email list! 

What other subject line have I seen lately along the same lines? Ah yes…”Personal” If it were “personal” then why don’t they use my name in the salutation such as “Hi Michael”? I object to receiving such an email when it is not personal at all and has most likelybeen sent to all other members on their email list as well. Another one that has just received an “unsubscribe notice”.

Listen, you work to get sign ups, you work to craft a relationship with them…so don’t flush it down the toilet with a seemingly “smart” email subject line that could cause your internet business much more damage than good.

I would suggest for much more in depth information about not just how to create a large email list but also how to delevlop a relationship with them, including how to craft an email message, then take a look at New Power List Building. You can read my full review at tips for email subject lines


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