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What “Day” Do You Promote For Your Email Marketing Ideas?


If you are searching for email marketing ideas then how about taking a rather obscure path and do something that your email list members will probably find amusing, entertaining and, of course, helpful…especially if you can weave the subject matter into the message that you are giving?

This idea centers around the use of a “Day”. You may ask what on earth am I talking about? When you realise the extent of the number of “Days” you should start to recognise potentially great marketing opportunities. Find out what “Day” you could use…

What do I mean by “Day”. Well, there seems to be an ever growing list of a day being dedicated to something or other. Now, some of the causes are very plausable and some are just weird. The never ending list goes from Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day, Plant A Flower Day, Old Stuff Day, National Frozen Food Day to Ear Muff Day…and a whole lot more in between.

You are probably thinking “there is a “Day” for ..? The lesson here is firstly try and find if there is a “Day” for your niche. If so you can then take advantage of it and perhaps run a promotion on the lead up to it and make a very special offer just for that twenty four hours. The marketing opportunities are endless…just get writing down ideas and see what you come up with.

If your niche does not have a “Day” then why not either ride on the coat tails of another “Day” that would appeal or amuse your niche? You could create a email headline that is full of intrigue and just begs to be opened and then weave the story of the “Day” into your marketing message….

Or how about…create a “Day” for your email list members! That is right, just invent a day especially for them. There own special day when there are special offers, discounts and free stuff, even a competition. The only limits are your imagination and energy!

I hope I have got your thinking about email marketing in a slightly different way…it does not always have to conform to the norm.

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