how to make a website

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Dear Fellow Information Marketer

I want to introduce an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to build a website...

Because too many who want a work from home internet business just don't make progress.

Why? Well... when something that appears technically challenging requires to be done...many people fear they can't do it...and thus don't do it.

Included in this is knowing how to make a website.

And this stops many from creating, building and profiting from their own succesful niche internet business.

The dream then fades...

Would You Like To Avoid This Common Problem In Easy Steps?

Then great...because this really is something you cannot afford to miss...

Right now, you have the opportunity to learn not just how to build a one page website, but a website that is designed to optimise sales! There is a big difference here.

My friend and fellow information marketer, Ian Greenwood, has put together a series of "how and what to do" videos to show you exactly everything you require to do to have a website that is designed and optimised to sell.

You see...until recently, if you wanted to create your own sales website, you you only had two choices. Go to University and study web development for years or pay a techie hundreds, even thousands of pounds!

If you've ever tried to put together a one page sales website then you'll already know how difficult it can be if you don't have expert help to call upon. The hours spent dealing with challenges and frustrations...

The great news is that Ian has managed to bypass all that for you!

When I was creating the website for The Colitis Experience I used Ian's first edition of his course to build the website. Quite simply, I would have taken so much longer with lots of frustration if I had tried to do it all without such fantastic simple to follow help from an expert.

(I did think about getting a techie to do it all for me but I turned white when I was told the likely cost...ouch!)

how to build a website

Don't You Sometimes Just Feel Like This When You Are Trying To Work Out How To Make A Website?

And the even better news for you is that...

He has
updated the course and expanded it to include even more helpful information and practical advice.

You can now avoid all the frustration!

The newly released updated video course will show you how to create your own profit pulling, one page, sales websites in only a few simple steps. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can build a website following Ian's instructions.

Read what a recent customer said:

"This is the first web building package that I was instantly able to understand and follow from start to finish. For a complete novice like myself it provided an instant path to produce a website. Something I had not previously been able to do."

David Blenkinship, Leyland, Lancashire

This System Is So Easy To Use That You Can Build Your One Page Sales Website In About A Day...

That is right...the very website you are now looking at was made by me using the free software and Ian's instruction. And I am no techie...far from it. I can type a letter using Microsoft Word...and I can also now make websites!

So what about you? Would you like to have a website on the net easily within 24 hours? All you need to do is watch the Ian's training videos and follow the process through.

Everything you need is in this video course. It's like having Ian standing at your shoulder telling you what to do. Do you think that might be helpful?

If you've been looking for simple non techie, plain English, step by step instructions that will take you by the hand, and actually show you how to get a powerful, single page website on the net, then you have found what you're looking for.

how to build websites that sell videos

Let Me Show You What The 24 Videos Contain:

  1. Mini sales website structure
  2. Internet tour illustrating one page websites
  3. About web building software
  4. Planning you sales page
  5. Inserting a banner graphic
  6. Text headlines
  7. Inserting sub headlines
  8. Using preview mode
  9. Formatting your text
10. The use of boxes
11. How to position the browser
12. Page position and setting of background
13. Product graphics and text
14. Payment processing links
15. Download page instructions
16. Download page structure
17. Linking to external files
18. Linking to digital products
19. Final formatting and testing
20. Web hosting part 1
21. Web hosting part 2
22. Troubleshooting
23. Uploading to the internet
24. Essential final checks

Using this help, anyone and I mean anyone can build a website... even me!

Believe me, if I can do it, and I would never call myself a tech wizard, then anyone can do it!

So What Do You Have To Do To Get This Brilliant Website Building Video Course?

Firstly...please go to Ian's website for more information but
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How to make a website"How To Find Your Killer Niche Market" This is an free report where I take you step by step to show you how to fully research your niche market. Every resource I use is explained to you here, including graphics to illustrate my instructions.

I just don't want you to build a website then find there is no market! Be sure there is a market waiting to buy before you build your website.

how to build a website fastAudio of copywriting legend Ray Edwards entitled "14 Points To Copywriting That Will Sell Your Products" You have to know the key secrets in order to write compelling copy. This is a great starting reference for you.

website building tips A file containing the actual website graphics that I use. Everything you need for your first website!

website building video course"21 Online Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid" This is an free report outlining what you need to know to avoid when creating and building your niche internet business.

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website building software

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You can pay hundreds, even thousands to get such a website can spend days, even weeks trying to build a website just figuring how to on your own...

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how to make a website course

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Michael T

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PPPS. Remember, I built this website using the exact free software and Ian's instruction. If I can do it...

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