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3 Top Ways To Improve Online Article Writing


Though it is not as sexy as other methods for generating targeted traffic to you webiste, online article writing still should be part of your traffic generating arsenal. One of the biggest benefits of articles is that once written and published on the internet, they stick around for years and if well written and formatted for the search engines, they can still appear high up in the search results years after they were first published.

So what are the three top ways to improve online article writing to have the best chance of them appearing years into the future and still bringing your website and blog free targeted traffic? Read on to find out more…

  • Create A Structure: The ultimate article is not only to be focused on one topic and based around just one keyword phrase but also it has to be structured. Nobody likes to read an article than rambles on about something, goes onto another topic then comes back to the original subject. Or where the article does not have any real purpose and little worth. Before writing a word, ensure you have planned what the article is about and how you are going to convey the information in a well written and easy read format.
  • Write Conversationally: Just don’t bore your reader with dry facts or written in a style that only the most crusted academic would be interested in. Write in a style that you yourself like to read articles. And that is no doubt in a conversational style where you wish to engage the reader in providing information, yet in a written style that is easy to read and makes them want to go on and finish the article…plus also be willing to find out more about what you have to offer.
  • Keywords Are For Later: Don’t write the article solely with keywords in mind and then try and stuff them in at any opportunity. The use of keywords and phrases (and remember I said that only one should be used as the focus of the article) should be a secondary thought, though important as they are. No article should read like it has been structured around a keyword. The reading of the article should flow naturally and not be hindered with the unneccessary inclusion of the keyword as many times as possible. One point to remember is to ensure you do include the keyword phrase in the headline of the article for search engine result purposes.

If you ensure that you stick to the three top ways to improve online article writing you will have taken a big step in providing well written, interesting articles that will be easier for the search engines to index. And the higher up the search engine results they appear, the greater amount of free targetted traffic your website or blog will enjoy.

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