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How To Research Online Info Marketing Ideas


I have been undertaking online information marketing for a few years and it never ceases to amaze me the range of interests that exists in which people not only search for information but are also willing to spend their money getting hold of it. On several occasions recently whilst reading some online forums the same type of question kept appearing.

The question that asks “what market should I look at to offer information?” I have a standard answer to that plus also an additional one for those that have built up a little experience doing information marketing themselves. Read on to find out what I reveal…

So what markets should you be looking at?

  • Lots of prospects and lots of competitors? Don’t get me wrong, competition is good but if there are experienced info marketers already dominating, do you really want to try and carve a thin slice for yourself? It will take a huge effort and most likely some monet spent. I think it is better to leave such markets to others.
  • Lots of prospects and no competitors? Hold on there…ask yourself why there are no competitors. You have probably not unearthed a yet to be discovered gold mine, more likely a black hole of despair as all your effort will probably result in nothing. There will be a good reason why there are no existing competitors.
  • Low numbers of prospects and lots of competitors. Far too difficult to attempt. Remember, your information marketing business should not be seen as a chore…but an enjoyable little earner that grows into a big earner.
  • Low numbers of prospects and a few competitors. Now we are talking. And all the better if this market is on a subject that you yourself have an interest in, a passion for, lots of experience in and have valuable knowledge to offer others.

So these are four benchmarks to use to assess potential markets to offer information to. Plus one other point. Once you have experience of concentrating on a subject you know about, then you will have the confidence to replicate your successful model into markets that you do not have much or any exeprience of…but have the skills to differentiate yourself from the existing competition and position yourself as the person to go to for valuable information about the subject.

You can learn the exact process to undertake to not just start off in your own subject market but also spread out and locate other markets that have gaps for a switched on information marketer. It is all contained in the online video course Beginner To Profit System and you can find out all the details if you click here


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