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Why You Need To Use Articles For Your Work From Home Internet Business


The most important reason that you need to use articles for your work from home internet business is that they are a free method of creating a flow of highly targeted prospects to your website. Why would any internet marketing not want to enjoy this source of traffic? It is free, they last forever and brings those customers who are the best prospects for you!

Each article’s  content should be based around one keyword phrase from a large list of keywords and keyword phrases that you have researched and are relevant to your chosen niche. And that is all you have to do…yet don’t miss out on a clever trick to get lots of extra mileage out of your initial efforts.

Submit the article to the directories and I would advise using and they will also be picked up and published by other websites and blogs searching for such keyword targeted content. The benefit here is that they also have to publish with the article a resource box that gives a little information about you but, most importantly, a link back to your website.

So you have an article of unique content, focused on one keyword phrase that is placed on another website that is in the same niche as yours, even focusing on the same keyword phrase. The search engines will value such a link highly and thus boost the page rank of your own website. Great work so far, don’t you think? (And don’t forget the article will be on the internet for ever more, you can’t turn off this traffic source!).

Now…here is the clever bit coming.  

The internet loves unique quality content. A website or blog that supplies this will rank well for the keywords that are targeted. So once you have written your article and submitted it to the article directories, you will have a new, quality and unique piece of content. Just make sure that you then utilise them further, make the content work hard for you by using it for say a couple of blog posts, though don’t just copy and paste as it is better to rewrite it perhaps using a less formal style. 

You can also use the content for email messages to your email lists, expand the topic you have written and submit the rewritten article to websites that only accept a high quality article that is unique to their website.

Then, record a short video talking about the keyword phrase topic and host it on YouTube, directing the viewer to your website. How about recording the article as an audio and place that on your website for free listening? Plus also, if you have written a lot of articles on a particular subject, then bundle it together creating a pdf document and you have just created a new unique product that you can either offer for free in return for email addresses or sell it.

Plus…record it as an audio and you have another product! I could go on but I hope you get the profitable picture!

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