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Advantages Of Recording Audios For Information Product Creation


There are many different methods for undertaking information product creation and yet audio, which is one of the easiest to do, is often ignored or undertaken as a afterthought. Yes, online video is all the rage and is something an online information marketer should be using as part of an effective marketing arsenal, yet audio products offer an easy and fast way to create another format for in demand information.

So what advantages does audio have that anyone can enjoy even is their level of experience with the use of audio is zero? Read on and find out how simple it is to make audios and how you can use them to compliment other product formats.

Audio is simple to record, you can use free software such as Audacity or your computer may already come with recording facilities. You do not need to “stage” the audio as you do a video, no worrying about lighting, angles, remembering what you have to say…then there is the editing and uploading.

Have you ever heard the expression “he has a good face for radio”? Some people just do not like to see themselves whether that is in a photo or video, so the prospect of having to record a video of yourself sends a lot of people into the state of inertia…which is never a good place to be when trying to build an information marketing business. With audio, you can “hide” behind the microphone and talk away as much as you want.

And what do you talk about? How about reading out loud a written product such as a report or eBook. Some people prefer to learn by listening and an audio can always be burned to a cd or downloaded to an iPod to be played at their convenience.

If you are a bit concerned with the technical side, don’t be. Just push the record button and talk away and when you have finished press “stop”. If there is any editing to be done it is a case of digitally cutting out the part of the recording you want to take out, effectively using a pair of digital scissors. It really is as easy, if not easier, than it sounds. I was a little concerned when I first tried to record some audio…and as soon as I began I could not believe it was so simple. I then recorded myself reading my eBook “The 27 Most Wanted Colitis Answers” and I offer the audio as an upsell.

Do customers buy it? A significant percentage do and thus these sales are in effect free money. So I would suggest that you start to think how you can add audio not just to your product offers but as a means of offering information and communicating with your target market.

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