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How To Profit From Your Own eBook Publishing Business


I Have Found For You The Simple Step By Step Answers For Your Own eBook Publishing Profits

“New Power eBooks gives you the step by step plan you need to succeed online.”

That is what is claimed in the two Neil’s product and read on to find out if you can actually succeed online selling ebooks by following this step by step course.

Ebooks are the default digital products. In fact, a top book retailer has recently reported that sales of eBooks have rocketed over the last year and are, in some cases, selling in greater numbers than their hard copy equivalent. Now that may be the case for novels to be read on a Kindle, but is it the case for selling information to niche markets?

For the marketer, an eBook can be put together quickly and delivered without cost. Do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. For the customer, it is a convenient method to store information and can be accessed easily.

So imagine if you had one, two…however many niche websites all selling an eBook? Imagine if each one made just one sale per day? Do the maths and you can see how profitable creating an eBook publishing business can be.

But where do you start…the research, creating the website/blog, pulling together the content then writing the eBook, formatting it, publishing it then there is all the marketing to do to bring targetted traffic? And don’t forget building an email list to communicate with prospects and customers. Then again, should you write the book first or build a list of people who are interested in the book that you will publish?

Many questions…and I have a great solution for answering them all for you to create, build and profit from your own eBook publishing business.

Your package of NewPowerEbooks will include:

  • How To Build Your Own eBook Publishing Business” manual
  • 6 DVD’s of a “take you by the hand” workshop showing you exactly what to do and how to do it (effectively bringing the manual to life)
  • Quick Start Audio cd
  • Resource cd including website and copywriting templates
  • Two months FREE GOLD membership to the Internet Marketing Review, including monthly 24 page newsletter and cd and full access to the website and active forum.

Let’s delve a little deeper as see what highlights are included…it is all presented in a step by step process:

  • How to choose a topic for your eBook
  • Understand the “3 P” model and all three must overlap for success
  • How to become a “star” in your niche market
  • How to create your eBook (you don’t even have to write one word if you don’t want too)
  • How to prepare your eBook for sale
  • The best website structure for selling an eBook
  • How and where to use graphics
  • Videos of how to construct a website
  • How to create a sales letter (the exact process the two Neil’s use)
  • How to put together a winning bonus package
ebook publishing

Here Is Your New Power eBook Course

And you are not left there…

You are then shown a marketing plan to follow that will ensure you get a regular flow of targetted traffic to your website. These are not the countless dozen methods…they are a handful of the most effective traffic creation methods being used today by the top internet marketers. And how to get others to sell your eBook for you…you will be shown exactly how to go about this, even getting a copy of the exact email the two Neil’s use to send to perspective sellers!


How to build an email list so you can then communicate with prospects and customers and make further offers to them…and further profits for you.

Not that long ago, I attempted to do all this without much of this top guidance and help. I stumbled along but did make some progress. It would have been much faster if I had a reference like NewPowerEbooks to help me.

I like following a step by step plan. I like the “write down for me what I have to do in simple language in a logical format” philosophy and having bought other similar products, NewPowerEbooks is certainly one of the most comprehensive yet easily followed and implemented resource available to set up and profit from an eBook selling business.

The seemingly large hurdle that stops 97% of people who want to make money online is the stage of “how do I actually start doing it?”. Yes, there is work to be done, no you will not see results instantaneously, but by working on small bits one at a time of each stage, before long YOU CAN also have an home internet business selling information in eBook form into niche markets.

This is not just a “how to” course. It will show you how to build an internet business selling eBooks. Then you can develop your business how you like…

I am doing it and with NewPowerEbooks you can do it too! 


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