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Want To Know A Simple And Fast Info Product Creation Technique? Part 1


Who else wants to know a simple and fast information product creation technique that you can undertake on a regular basis and the result can be the platform for a whole range of related products that can command some very tasty prices? All you have to do is create a short report and I mean short such as only 8 or 10 pages!

It needs to pack a punch, it can cover a variety of topics or just one, it can be used as a brief introduction to a topic or it can really drill down and be very specific. It must though give the reader exactly what they are searching for and for you..? Getting them into your influence and leading them onto your email list and a purchase of an introductory product. Read on to find out more about the different kinds of reports you can create…

  • One of the most attractive types of report that are always in demand is the “how to”. This is the classic introduction to a subject matter and is laid out in a step by step format. Everybody, and I mean everybody has at some point in time searched for some ”how to” information to further their knowledge. Making the report as specific as possible will act as a magnet for those searching for that very information such as “How To Putt More Confidently Using Three Simple Steps”. What golfer would not be interested in that?
  • Very useful collections of information are found in “frequently asked questions” sections…so why don’t you create just that? A top ten or twenty questions and then provide the answers. This creates a great reference guide and provides the reader with reason to be more inclined to listen to what else you have to say and offer.
  • Following on from creating a report based on a “faq” model, there is also the opportunity to use the “list” model. The is a simple listing of techniques, strategies, tactics, ways etc followed by an explantion of what to do and how to do it. A report could be titled “7 Top Tactics To Bring Targeted Traffic To Your Website”

These are three of the most attractive and in demand style of reports to create. The point to remember is that these reports should be used to attract prospects. You should just offer them as a free inducement to get someone onto your email list where you can continue to build a relationship with them and create the all important trust factor. You can include a link to a paid for product as some people will want to immediately find out more and get to the next level of information about the subject.

You can even offer the report for sale. There is no hard and fast rules for using this type of marketing. Though it is normally more rewarding in the long term just to giveaway these report for free. So how do you go and create such reports that are great a building your info marketing business?

As ever it is easier when you are shown exactly what to do and how to do it. The online CopyandProfitBlueprint resource does exactly that…from inception of the idea through to marketing your finished report effectively…and converting a sign up into a long term paying customer. For lots more information go now to info product creation ideas 

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