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Want To Know A Simple And Fast Info Product Creation Technique? Part 2


For the second part of want to know a simple and fast info product creation technique I shall reveal a further four methods to create a simple small report that you can either giveway to build your email list or offer for sale. You can then expand the product range to provide further more detailed information through a variety of different means and price levels.

The first three methods for creating these reports were based on the provision of information in the form of ”how to”, faq and list basis. Read on to find out how you can utilise a further four methods for your info product creation reports.

  • The fourth technique involves interviewing someone who has specialist knowledge of the subject matter.They would do this in return for the free publicity it would give their website or business or perhaps they would have rights to the completed report or even be paid for their time.
  • Following on from this, you can undertake a case study where you profile different successful examples of achieving a common task. You can highlight different methods used to achieve the same results and therefore the reader will have a greater chance to relate to one or more of the examples, leading to greater motivation to actually take action. An example could be “discover how first time mums got back in shape fast.”
  • The next type of report is the resource directory where you gather together a group of related resources together with contact details such as “child friendly pubs with play areas.”
  • Lastly is the ideas generator style of small report. This is really to provide the reader with ideas that they can then action such as “77 top headlines for website sales letters.”

If you just stick to these seven types of small report you will generate enough ideas to ensure your small report writing will never run out of ideas. Remember, these reports only have to be about eight pages long and be sure to include some link to take the reader to a webpage with further information and also a recommendation for a paid product or an email list to join. Plus…the small report is only the start of the journey, you have captured the person’s interest, now it is the time to build upon it.

For further information about small report writing, from idea generation all the way through to cutting edge marketing techniques then you really must take a look at the simple to follow Copy And Profit Blueprint course. The online course shows you everything you need to know to start report writing today and how to build upon it to create a growing and profitable info marketing business. Go now to information marketing blueprint now for more info.

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