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Tips To Build An Online Business Using Twitter


I want to give you a few tips of how to build an online business using Twitter. Now,  before I even startI want to highlight the fact that you can’t build an online info marketing business using Twitter and other social media platforms on their own. You also need to use the proven methods of article marketing, blogging, email marketing, audio and video marketing to reach your target market and build the all important relationship with them…to increase your profile and establish yourself as the go to person, an expert in the particular niche.

With the likes of Twitter, you can reach your target audience really quickly and communicate with them in real time which is great to build the relationship. Yet you need to avoid what most people use Twitter for…talking for talking sake, adding to the incoherent noise that is pretty meaningless. But that is not to say you should use your tweets for the hard sell. Read on to find out how to achieve a happy balance.

  • Your messages should be a mix of chatting about what you are doing and this can include some topics that are different to your chosen niche. This can help to build a rapport between yourself and your followers.
  • When you tweet about a subject related to your niche, don’t just highlight what you are offering in terms of products and services. These sales messages are something that social media is not meant for as this is the easiest way for people to ensure they stop receiving your messages.
  • To work in a “sales message” the best way of doing it is to make a comment about what you are doing or a challenge that you are facing. You can do this over a few tweets with the final one containing a mention of the product or service that you are using. If it is working for you then the reader will be more inclined to check it out.
  • Use tweeted messages to advise of your experiences, a sort of social confirmation for your followers to show them that you are taking a certain action, you are getting such results and thus demonstrating  a solution for them to progress their interest in the subject.
  • Inform them of your latest blog post/online video that they will be interested in…tweeting is a good way to direct targeted traffic to the destination of your choice. This will only have a chance of success if you are very connected with your followers and they see you as someone they trust and rely upon for information.

Okay, take these tips and work them into your tweets and then monitor the results. I can guarantee that you will find better results than just using Twitter to add to the inconsequential noise that is already happening.

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