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How To Optimise Videos For The Search Engines


I have been posting some important blog posts about video marketing and with this one I want to tell you about how to optimise videos for the search engines. Put simply, what measures do you have to take to ensure you give your online videos the best chance to be seen in both video and content search engines?

Don’t forget, with YouTube now the second most used search engine on the internet, the importance of video is increasing by the day…so any info marketer must look at how to use video not just to get traffic but then to communicate with your niche market. So…what should you be doing to optimise your videos?

  • Optimise for both video search engines (such as YouTube) and content search engines (such as Google). The best approach is to use meta tags (where to place your most important keywords and phrases) for the content of the page where your video is placed.
  • Titles are very important. Ensure the keyword upon which the video is based is used in the title. Include it both in the title and in the description as this will help video search engines index your video files.
  • Make sure the titles of your videos are descriptive and are aligned to what someone in your niche may search for.
  • Use anchor text effectively (use a keyword for this) if you are linking your video from other web pages. This will give your video more seo juice.
  • Make sure you keep your videos short, no longer than say five to six minutes. If you can fit in what you have to say or show within three minutes then great. Remember, people have short attention spans. So say what you want to say, no waffle or padding or rambling and keep it focused.

If you remember to do these things then you will be way ahead of most people that use videos for internet marketing. If you are involved in a tightly defined niche with few competitors, through the use of video you have a great chance to dominate such a market completely. A little savvy video marketing is what is needed.

For more in depth info of how to use video for your internet business then Online Video Champ is exactly what is required. I love it as it really is one of the most in depth guides from planning your videos all the way to using them for marketing purposes. And the first five online videos are free to watch! Go now to optimise video for search engines



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