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Don’t Forget Top Copywriting Tips When Creating A Website


When undertaking the work for creating a website it is so important to ensure that you include all the top copywriting tips that have been proved to work over the years. If you are offering a paid for product or service then you will have to write some sales copy to attract, engage and entice the reader to take them from the point of acknowledging their interest to taking the action and hitting the “buy button”.

So read on to discover what you should be including in your sales copy that will make it hit all the right notes…

  • Start with the headline and write out dozens and dozens of killer versions and then whittle them down to about six. Alternate them to test which one is the most successful.
  • Follow this by doing the same with pre and sub headlines so there are three distinct parts of text before the sales letter begins.
  • Ensure the opening paragraph features a very strong benefit and will make the reader want to read on.
  • Make the copy very compelling so it gets read all the way through and then responded too.
  • Use compelling words, phrases and transition elements to create a flowing letter that reads well and will ensure the reader stays on the page to read more.
  • Bullet points are great for making bold hard hitting points and to highlight benefits.
  • Always include testimonials and these can be positioned throughout the copy to re-emphasise what you have been saying and to break down any resistance the reader may have. 
  • When making the offer, ensure it is as irresistable as possible, highlighting the potential loss if they do not take action.
  • Always include a guarantee, and make it a no quibble one.
  • Include order instructions so no-one is left in any doubt as to what to do.
  • Think about including urgency in the offer such as a limited time or limited numbers.
  • Always include several PS that will highlight the most important selling aspects of your copy. It is a reminder of what they will get or miss out on.

I have just given you twelve of the top copywriting tips that you must include when writing copy for your website. Don’t worry, it does take time and effort to get a sales letter that will be effective but it is only through practice that you will succeed. You need to keep testing an tweaking to find what works and what doesn’t and once you do find what works, then just rinse and repeat using the template for other sales letters that you may write.

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