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Google Is Watching Your Website Creation And Evolution


When you undertake your initial website creation and then change and add to it over time the one thing you must not forget about is that the likes of Google will judge it according to their set criteria and if all the usual boxes are ticked then good for you. But if Google finds that your website raises their concerns, then don’t be surprised to find it far away from the first or second page of the search results.

The top tip to remember when creating and optimising a website and adding to it over a period of time is that it does not pay to be too smart, trying to hoodwink Google into giving you a higher search engine placing than it actually deserves. So what easy and simple things should you do to keep in Google’s good books?

First and foremost, do what Google wants…that is creating quality original content for your website where each piece of content is written around one keyword or phrase. The more content the better but don’t fall into the trap of adding a larger amount of articles over a short period of time then stop what you are doing, This flood then drought of content will not be as valuable to you in terms of maintaining a high placing in the search engines as adopting a pattern of regularly publishing content.

This content can be placed on your website plus also submitted in the form of formatted articles to the directories such as Submit Your Article. Just make sure that you rewrite any content that is being used elsewhere as you need to maintain exclusive content for your website. In addition, make sure the keywords that you choose are not thrown about liberally but used in a natural way as you would expect to find them in written content. Your website will be penalised if you try and cram as many keywords in as possible and use them in every possible opportunity.

Links pointing to your website are very important to increase its page ranking. But there are links and there are links. The lazy way is to pay someone a few dollars and get them to submit your url to thousands of sites. This will only do your website damage. Firstly it is unnatural for a website to receive lots of links in a very short period of time plus also the places from where the links are placed will probably have nothing in common with the subject of your website. They maybe links but they have no relevancy. Only create links from a relevant piece of content that is situated on a relevant website.

Don’t be afraid to ensure you inform your visitors that you are making available paid for information but you have to get the balance correct. A website that is full of relevant, quality content that informs and educates the reader and then recommends a product will be of far greater value in the eyes of Google than another one that just says “buy this”. Get the balance right and you can blast away the majority of competition in most sub niches who don’t understand this important concept or a just too lazy to implement it.

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