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Some Simple Website Tweeking Tips For Better Results


When you have completed your website creation one of the best things to be is impatient and unsatisfied. I say this because what you do not want is for after your make your website live, then that is it. You literally forget about is and never actually look at it for months and never think about changing anything.

Believe me, a little alteration here, a tweek there can have a big outcome…such as increased sign ups and increased sales. Let me show you some simple website¬†tweeking tips.

Okay, here are a few things you should be doing to ensure your website is working flat out for you. Take a note of the sign ups, the click throughs to other pages, the number of sales…this will be your base figure. Undertake one change, just one remember, and see if there is any difference. If figures go up then that is your new base. Then change something else and monitor it again. Keep doing this and make sure your website works hard for you.

  • Change the headline (you should have dozens of these to try)
  • Change the salutation (dear or hello, make it personal to their interest)
  • Change a couple of bullet points
  • Change your call to action (for either to sign up or to buy)
  • Change your PS.

I would recommend changing one thing and then view the results over a two week period. Then change another thing and again wait two weeks and see what the outcome is.

It is all about test, test, test and tweek, tweek, tweek. Who knows what the optimum headline, salutation, bullet points, call to action and PS is. I don’t, you don’t but by testing constantly we can strive to continually find out.

What other things have you found that have made a difference to your website stats?

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