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The How To Create A Website Plan For Beginners


You can undertake a search for how to create a website plan for beginners and you will find a huge amount of information, a lot of it for free, that will show you how starting from scratch where you can build all different styles of websites fairly easily with having to spend next to nothing up to large sums of money.

Yet the big thing that especially beginners to online marketing should be aware of is that no plan should be set in stone. Whilst a plan can be used for guidance, what the final product looks like may well be somewhat different from what you imagined it to be and the route taken to get there can also divert quite a way from the original plan. Here are my thoughts on this…

When I was creating my The Colitis Experience website, I could not have imagined it would have turned out the way it did. If I had stuck to a rigid plan then I believe the final appearance and functionality of the website would have been inferior to what I now have. So why was the plan changed on a regular basis? It is all to do with the results of taking action.

Once I was underway with building the site, more thoughts and ideas appeared that could improve the original plan. I added here, took away there…talked to others in the know who made suggestions not just to enhance the appearance but also to make it more search engine friendly. More pages were created than first envisaged, video was introduced plus also a library of articles that could be accessed for free.

In addition to the main website, a landing page was created to try and get prospects onto an email list where I could then start a conversation with them. These are the people who express an interest in the subject matter and what you can offer but are not yet ready to buy the product or service. By being able to contact them via email on a regular basis and provide further free information and help, a relationship is built, trust is created, you will be seen as an expert in the subject and they will then be more willing to take the action that you recommend to them.

I also created a story trail on the landing page for those that might have already signed up whereby several pages were created that were each linked up which took the prospect through valuable information on each page, ending up on the main page of the website. Was this in the original how to create a website plan? No it wasn’t…it was only decided upon at a late stage of development to ensure that no-one hitting the landing page, whatever their status, had a reason to immediately click away.

So whilst there are many how to create a website plan for beginners, it is only by then taking action and using such plans as a foundation and reference point that you can then progress and build a website that will no doubt be different than you first envisaged it to be. There will be times when you know what you want it to include but don’t quite know how to achieve it. By taking action, finding those who do know and can advise and help you, progress will be made and a website that is fit for its purpose will emerge.

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